Do you want to live Fearlessly?

If you are committed to charting your fearless path through life, it would be my honor and privilege to walk alongside you on your journey.


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Isn't it time to be who you were born to be?

It's time to Live Life Fearlessly.

Life is a journey that you should choose. Not something others impose on you. Somewhere along the way, you may have forgotten who you are.

It's time to rediscover the child-like wonder you once had for life. It all starts by learning (again) how to live Free from Fear. 

International best-selling author Andrew Hackett has spent a decade researching, writing, and teaching on the role fear plays in your life. His conclusion is simple, but profound. Learn how to love fear, and it will set you free.

Start your journey to charting your Fearless path in life with the Fearless series, including International Amazon Best-Seller Free from Fear, Fearless Series: Ending Your Unconsciousness, Awakening to Your Truth, and newly released Manifesting Your Journey.

Book - Free from fear

Free From Fear

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Book - Fearless
Fearless: Ending Your Unconsciousness

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Fearless: Awakening to Your Truth 

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Fearless: Manifesting Your Journey

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Misti Buard
Misti Buard recommends Andrew Hackett
I was faced with a lot of questions when I initially met Andrew. The wonderful thing is, not only did he recognise my fears, he equipped me with the tools I needed to release the fears. I had countless questions and Andrew literally held my hand throughout the process. I felt like I was a baby learning too walk for the first time. Sometimes I fell, but I had Andrew reaching his hand out to help me walk again.
Patricia Morris
Patricia Morris recommends Andrew Hackett
I consider myself pretty well-seasoned in being able to help myself on a spiritual level, but when I read his book, I was excited, because I could tell right away that his ideas and philosophies were in complete alignment with mine. I read it, and later downloaded the Audio version so I could listen to it while doing household chores, etc. This is one of those books, that you learn something new from every time you read or listen to it.
Dave Regan
Dave Regan recommends Andrew Hackett
Andrew has a natural ability to teach people, this can be attributed to his empathetic approach to teaching. His library of knowledge extends far beyond just his expertise in Business Management. His teaching style is extremely engaging and he also brings each lesson into real life examples that make it a very easy learning experience. I have known Andrew for 12 months now, and in that time he has been a teacher, mentor and great friend to me.

Start your journey from Fear to Freedom.

Join International Best-Selling Author Andrew Hackett on your journey to understand how fear controls your life, and how learning how to love fear will set you free.


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