Fear to Freedom to MasterClass

Welcome to the Fear to Freedom MasterClass

Please watch this entire video before you start your training.

Welcome to your Fearless Journey

Dear Fearless Traveler,

Congratulations for taking this important step towards living the life you came to this earth to live.

By making this investment, you have made a statement.

You will no longer settle for living the life that others want you to live.

You know that your life is designed to be your own fearless journey.

You understand that the only way to true fulfillment is to move from Fear to Freedom.

Now, here is a short description of how the Premium Master Class works.

In just a few minutes, you should have full course login instructions in your email inbox.

As soon as you get this email, please take a moment to log in to the course and begin your training.

The Premium Master Class consists of both the Basic Live Master Class videos, and an additional 4.5 hours of video training, divided into 31 short lessons, with accompanying exercises that should take you 2-3 hours to complete.

All in, you are looking at around 8+ hours of work to finish the Master Class.

You are welcome to put more time and effort into the training. But this is the minimum time commitment we recommend you set aside.

To help you finish the course, we have split it up into short videos between 5-20 minutes long. The course is designed for you to go through it in 21 days.

But don't worry, you fall behind in the training, rest assured we will send you reminders and check on you.

Throughout the Premium Master Class, you will have the opportunity to book in for your four Accelerate Program Calls with me, so we can start getting real results for you. The system will prompt you at the end of each module to book into my calendar at an available time that works for you.

Once you finish the Master Class, you will qualify for a Free 7-Day Trial to the Fear to Freedom Academy.

In this private fearless training video area, you will get access to advanced concepts video training.

You will also be able to connect with me as I share some of my latest thoughts on living fearlessly, as well as sneak previews of new articles and training we are developing.

If you are struggling through a particular personal crisis in your life, or you are just trying to live life to the fullest every day, you may consider working with me.

We have two different programs now that may be helpful to you. Take the time to read about these programs on this page.

Also, if you want to connect with me further, you can watch my Journey From Fear to Love at the bottom of this page.

This video will give you the context into which I came into personal growth, and help you connect with me on a personal level.

Finally, I would like to thank you for trusting me to walk with you on this part of your life's journey.

Whether it's just for the next 21 days, or much longer, please know that I am humbled beyond words at your faith and trust in my teaching.

I will not let you down.

Fearlessly in love,


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