Fear to Freedom Master Class
Module 2

You chose the Blue Button

Good choice. Because it is the choice that is right for you.

I admire and honour that within you, it is a big decision and not everyone is ready for things to get a little weird. I respect that, and I respect you for going with what was in your heart.

But there is one key reason why you are here. Because you know you need to change your thinking.

You know, in your gut, that you current state of thinking is at least part of the reason why you are not moving forward. Don’t worry, we all have to change our thinking, and when we do so everything around us changes.

Again, I don’t care how old you are, what past you have had, what religious beliefs you hold, or how damaged you are either physically or mentally. It is not because I don’t care about you, because I do. I care deeply about you and your natural born right to find happiness and success in your life.

The reason why I don’t care about any of those things is because quite simply, they are completely irrelevant. None of it in any way, relates to how successful you desire to be, how happy you want to become or how you choose to live you life from this point forward.

None of it.

There are too many examples, even within our lifetime, of people, deeply damaged people, handicapped people, mentally scarred people, from all cultures, from all religious backgrounds, that have risen like the phoenix, out of the ashes, from the pain and suffering.

These people realized one thing and one thing only.

That in the end, it was the only real choice to make. It was the choice that was more representative of who they desired to be, than any other choice.

And they were right, and it all came down to changing their thinking. About themselves. About their lives and about what was next.

You have complete control over your life. What happens, how it plays out, and even the level of success you will enjoy in the future. It is all within your control and it all comes from a change in your thinking.

Remember, creating the new you is easy, the difficult part is convincing the old you to step aside long enough for the new you to take control.