The Fearless Series

After his international Amazon Best-Selling debut, Andrew signed a 5 book publishing deal with Holland House Publishing in New York. Read the first book of the Fearless Series now.

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Rosemany Dan recommends Andrew Hackett
I heard about Andrew’s wonderful book Free from Fear. This book is definetly the missing link out there in the Spiritual World. We all have fears maybe created when we were born or fears created in our past. How do we release these fears so that we can move on with our lives? Well, Free from Fear has the Answers. Andrew has a gift of the pen because this is not an easy subject to understand. Andrew is a wonderful teacher and through this book, we can start our new journey into a life without fears. I highly recommend this book to everyone young and old. It is a life changer
Patricia Morris recommends Andrew Hackett
Andrew has done it again with this excellent book! I read his first book, “Free From Fear” and eagerly waited for this next book. It did not disappoint! Andrew is a gifted storyteller, and has a way of getting his point across in very down-to-earth and easy to understand terminology. I thoroughly enjoyed this read, and eagerly await his next book in this series. I highly recommend any of Andrew’s books, if you’re a person who loves personal development, and wants to free yourself from limiting beliefs and fear
Susan Musil recommends Andrew Hackett
I just finished reading Andrew's book, Free from Fear. I must say that Andrew was sitting beside me in the same room from the start of the book until the end of the book where you want the book to continue with all of Andrew's infinite wisdom, heartfelt, soulful knowledge and help. I have learned so much more about the author Andrew Hackett and the reason that led him to do what he does today with his unconditional love, commitment, passion, heart and soul. He is doing this for all of us and whoever in the world wants to join him in his mission and journey


Free from Fear: Understanding Fear's Control Over Your Life and Why Loving It Will Set You Free

Book - Free from fear

Take back control of your life experience! Everything we experience in life - every thought, every feeling and every choice we make - is based on either Love or Fear.

This book will help you confront the Fears in your life that hold you back from achieving your ultimate potential.

It will explain why you are so afraid to know the answers and will set you free in the process.

Most of all, this book will show you that your life is worth living and will give you back control of your life experience.

Fear may feel like a powerful force in the universe, but Fear is weak. Love is all-powerful.

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Fearless: Ending Your Unconsciousness

Book - Fearless

What you will find in these pages is a culmination of decades of discovery, analysis, and trial and error.

I share this with you in the hope that you will not only find yourself, but also find your path towards the magnificence that you came here to live.

I hold a place deep in my heart as I watch over your journey in amazement of everything life has to offer.

I long for the connection created within these pages, to be long lasting within you, in the hope that I might help in some small way to enable you to find the truth you have been longing for, for so long.

If that is the case, then I will have achieved what I have set out to achieve: that is, to free you from your bondage, set you on your path to realise great achievements, and to do so in as easy a fashion as I know how.

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Fearless: Awakening to Your Truth


We have heard for decades now about the need for attention to the Mind, the Body and the Spirit, but rarely is it explained as to why it is so important. Yes, it is about happiness, first and foremost; but it is also about growth, personal evolution and progress.

The mind and the body can only get you so far, because they both reside on the physical plane. However, real success - the type of success people notice - comes from connection to the Universe. Why? Because it is the Universe, and everything it represents, that works in the limitless plane. It is the Universe, or more importantly our connection to it, where we tap into the limitless possibilities.

Highly successful people know this. They know that to move beyond self is to create results that are also beyond self and the limitation that the self may have within the physical-world context. 

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Fearless: Manifesting Your Journey


To connect with the Universe, to tap into everything the Universe can offer us, and to understand our role within the Universe, we first need to better understand how it operates.

Once we understand how it operates when then need to understand how we operate within it, so that we can get the universe to work for us.

The art of Manifesting has been lost for centuries, but the secrets live on, and I share them with you, on how to not only create your life, but how to create the life of your dreams. Manifesting is easy, you are already doing it, it is just that you are manifesting an unhappy life. Once you know how, and understand the secrets, you can start manifesting life consciously, just the way you desire it to be.

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