Why a Holistic Approach is Essential for Real Results 

We have all hear of the holistic Mind, Body and Spirit approach to better wellbeing.

But have we ever been told why it is so important to creating a new healthier lifestyle.

To fix one, is only doing part of the job, and it will bring limited results, that will soon be reversed.

To life long change, we need to fix all, and in doing so we soon become illimitable.

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Andrew Hackett: Good day and welcome to Illimitable Living. I am Andrew Hackett and I'm here to talk to you about everything that the world needs to discuss about living a life free from fears, restricted boundaries so that you can not only live a limitless life, but so that you can become truly illimitable. 

I am here from sunny Australia talking with my remarkable cohost, Patricia Morris, who has her own highly successful podcast series, delving into the mysteries of the universe and how we live within it.

Good day everyone. You're listening to Illimitable Living, pure freedom without limits. I'm Andrew Hackett and I am here with the wonderful Patricia Morris. Good day Patricia. How are you doing today? 

Patricia Morris: I am doing wonderful. Thank you. How are you?

Andrew Hackett: Yeah, fabulous. It's been a bit of a crazy week for me getting everything launched and getting my masterclass and everything out to the world. But I'm really excited now because everybody can connect with my work a little easier and I'm really excited about that because it means everybody can get a piece of what I'm trying to do for the world.

Patricia Morris: Yes, lots of exciting things going on right now. Not only in your world. In my world it's kind of the same week has happened here. So kind of on the same frequency and energy with that for sure.

Andrew Hackett: You and I are certainly always on the same frequency. 

Patricia Morris: Right. 

Andrew Hackett: So tell me, what did you want to talk about today?

Patricia Morris: Well, I just wanted to talk about, Andrew, why do you think holistic solutions are so important? And the reason I wanted to ask that is I know you are definitely in the holistic healing world, and I definitely am as well. And we're both passionate about what we do of course. I would like to talk about that and why it is so important. So anybody listening might be able to listen to this episode and kind of decide for themselves a little bit more if this is the right path for them.

Andrew Hackett: Yeah, look, what a great topic too. Look, it's an interesting thing. A lot of people think of holistic healing and holistic services or holistic medicine even so to speak as a bit woo-woo, as a bit hippish, the type of things full of sage burning and all the rest of it. I just want to expand the horizon a little bit on that too. To me a holistic approach is actually all about the mind, the body, and the spirit, the trifecta that effectively makes us up as who we are and what experience we are choosing to experience on this physical world, on earth.

Look, ultimately to me a holistic approach is taking in place a perspective from all different avenues, both traditional medicine and alternative medicine, looking at both psychology, as well as health and fitness, and also looking at and grasping the possibilities that can come from looking at the spiritual aspects of things. Because ultimately speaking, a large amount of our limitless possibility comes from that spiritual angle.

Look, for me, I don't care whether you're Christian, Catholic, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, I don't care. Your beliefs are your beliefs and I fully honor and respect whatever beliefs any person has. What I'm talking about in regards to spirituality, I'm talking about that, call it that additional dimension, that nonphysical plane. Some people refer to it as God and heaven. Other people think about it a little bit more broadly than that. And that's completely fine. I don't have an issue with that.

What I think is ultimately important is that we, if we want to implement or make fundamental life lasting change in our life, we need to think of all three aspects, the mind, the body, and the spirit. 

Patricia Morris: Yes. I've heard it also said as the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual as well.

Andrew Hackett: Very good. Absolutely. Yes, that's right. So thinking about it and let's go through the more traditional order of things, the mind, the body, and the spirit. So the mind, we know enough about psychology nowadays to understand how the mind works, understand how the mind relates to our beliefs, our rules, and behaviors, and to understand how they influence our day to day life experience.

We know enough about all of that to know that if we make some changes in our rules or some changes in our beliefs, that then affects the output of our behaviors and the way that our behaviors and actions interact with the outside world. And it also affects the levels of either pleasure or pain that we experience in our day to day experience.

The mind aspect is really, really important. Any athlete will tell you this. A lot of people think athletes are all about the body. But certainly over the last several decades, athletes have actually done probably more training on the mind than they do on the body. The body, it's a physical machine. It's input versus output. It's about diet and nutrition. It's about fitness. It's about cardio and building muscle. It's about training something. It's very, very important for an athlete.

But what's more important for an athlete is the right mindset. Because, I mean, look, there's numerous studies, reports, documentaries all on for instance, things like the placebo effect, how if you tell someone ... There was one great example of a study that was done on competition skiers, high-altitude skiers, and the type of altitude skiing and everything that's done, cross-country skiing and everything that's done where you need oxygen as an addition to what you're breathing to keep everything regular. So what they did is they did some tests where some people were using oxygen to supplement what they were doing while they were operating, and they had effectively sensors all over their body testing everything. They did blood tests before and afterwards and everything else.

Then they ran the same test again and they told the person that they were breathing oxygen, but in fact hooked them up with an empty tank. Now, the interesting thing was, was not only were the results the same, but in fact the chemical reactions within the body was exactly the same as well, because the mind believed wholeheartedly without any type of doubt that they were in fact actually breathing oxygen when in fact they weren't.

These things are very fascinating. So the mind, in my opinion, is an easy fix. To me, that's the easy bit, because we know enough about it. It feels like the difficult bit because we're so entrenched in our own, what do you call it? Our own habits, our own sort of behaviors and all that sort of stuff, where particularly the older you are as well, you've just got more decades of preconditioning of what I call unhealthy thinking or unhealthy living. You know what I mean?

And look, we all get caught up in that. I'm no different to anybody else. I've been there and I've done that as well. But we can make the choice to change the mind, and finding the right type of mindset coach or the right type of transformational trainer in itself can make an enormous difference in that regards. So to me, the mind stuff is kind of easy once you know what to do or once you find the right person to help you with that.

It's just, look, all successful people do is they find, figure out what they, they locate their bad habits. They then figure out what the alternative to what that bad habit is. So they find something that they can create as a new habit. They then move forward over a number of weeks, three weeks usually, to create that new habit to replace the old bad habit. And then they keep repeating that new positive habit for 12 weeks, which creates an unconscious behavioral baseline. They become unconsciously competent about that particular action that is benefiting them and moving them forward, as opposed to a bad habit, which is setting them back and sending them backwards.

So all successful people do is they find these, they repeat them until it becomes almost like on autopilot, and then they find something else and they do the same thing again, until they start building up a whole range of these really positive behavioral traits that in fact help them and energize them and empower them and move them forward rather than what most people do and what we've certainly been preconditioned to do over a very long period of time. And that's created a lot of bad habits that in fact are slowing us down, blocking us, setting us back.

Patricia Morris: Right. One thing I wanted to add about that, Andrew, going back to the athletes, is I've heard that the major athletes, especially Michael Phelps, I've followed him for a long time, is just a remarkable individual, and he says that his number one secret is actually visualizing getting to the finish line. Even the whole time while he's swimming, he just sees himself getting there and it works for him. And many other athletes out there will say the same thing. They create this visualization in their mind of themselves winning or of themselves being triumphant or winning the gold medal, whatever. And that just tells us even more how strongly visualization plays a role in our mind as well when it comes to achieving our goals, when it comes to anything really in life.

One thing I think, Andrew, can I ask you is, one thing that I think helps listeners understand this concept a little bit more is how would you say that people currently do this without even realizing it in their own lives right now?

Andrew Hackett: Yeah, look, that's fabulous question. That's really wonderful. Thank you. Okay, a couple of things. Let's first understand visualization. The visualization is really, really important because what it is, it is what we're putting our attention to. 

Now, this comes back to a whole range of different topics that are topics kind of in their own right, and something I would love to cover with you in more detail. Visualization is important because ultimately speaking, the universe is a mirror. The universe only reflects back to us what we put out. This is why this is what is so important as part of manifesting our life experience, which gets me to what your actual question is.

Manifesting our life comes from what we put our focus and attention to. It's very much like the law of attraction. What we look towards, what we focus on, what we put our attention to ends up by in fact being mirrored back to us by the universe. So if we're constantly focusing on negativities, we can't do this, we can't do that, we're actually in fact right. Because what is it going to happen is we're going to create that by those very same thoughts.

Now visualization is really important and I do a lot of visualization exercises myself in my private life, in regards to helping people, in regards to where I want to end up in how I help people, particularly in trying to get my books out there and the success associated with them and all that sort of stuff. So I do a lot of visualization.

Ultimately what it's doing is it's reprogramming that old past negative preconditioning and creating a positive conditioning. And by doing it over and over and over again, if that is all you focus your attention on, and every thought, every feeling, every choice you make is focused on that one destination. It doesn't matter what the destination is. The destination can be anything at all. But if you focus on that, the universe is going to go that is exactly what you want to experience as your life experience so I'm going to reflect that back to you.

Patricia Morris: Perfect. Would you say on a very simple level that for a lot of people, I think that would mean graduation of some sort, graduation from college or here in the United States it's high school. I'm not sure how they word it in Australia, but it does take a lot of hard work and focus like you were mentioning. So that's just a very simple way of saying how people do that in everyday life right now. And this is just taking it to a deeper level. Is that kind of what you're saying?

Andrew Hackett: Absolutely. Yeah, yeah, yeah, absolutely. It's all about figuring out what it is we want to accomplish, what is our destination. We might have a hundred destinations throughout our lives. That doesn't matter. The idea is what you're using is there is a very practical example. 

For instance, another practical visualization I do, and this might make people either laugh or feel a little bit surprised, I'm not too sure, but another visualization I do as a parent is I actually visualize my three teenage boys, they're 13, 14, 15 now, visualize my three teenage boys getting through high school drug-free, alcohol-free, and competent and capable about leaving the nest and being able to get on with their life. 

Because, look, the reason why I visualize that from a parental point of view is because as a parent to me, that to me is ultimate success as a parent. Your kids being confident, capable, hopefully not messed up in the process, certainly not messed up in the way drugs can mess people up and all the rest of it. And just hope that they can get to the point where they leave the nest and they are ... They've got the best possible opportunity to start the life that they really want to set off and create. To me that is success as a parent.

Patricia Morris: Yeah. That is beautiful. Yes, that is beautiful because you're also sending that energy their way as you're visualizing that as well. And we all know what energy, we talked about that in a prior episode, but we talked about what energy is and how you can use it to accomplish miracles in life. So that's beautiful that you're doing that.

Andrew Hackett: Yeah. And look, you can use that same energy to influence others and to influence the world around you and others. I'm constantly talking to my teenage boys about this as well, because I want, I want to constantly be laying this seed of what they can do. So yes, if they want to then visualize finishing high school and moving forward to that or finishing college as you say, which we refer to as university, or finish their ... get their first job and/or get their first promotion or, whatever it is, it doesn't matter. We don't just have to visualize. I know some people visualize fast cars and super yachts and beautiful luxurious holidays. And look, don't get me wrong. I've been guilty of-

Patricia Morris: Sounds good to me.

Andrew Hackett: Yeah, been guilty of the fantasizing about luxurious holidays, that's for sure. But the point being is visualization and training the mind and conditioning the mind in those very positive ways is a very, very, very powerful tool for anybody. And anybody can use it about trying to create absolutely anything they want in their lives.

When I was younger, I'd talk to my kids about manifestation at quite a young age and ...

Patricia Morris: I love it. I love it.

Andrew Hackett: Because to me, if this is something that I inherently believe in and I know actually works, because I teach and train people about this stuff every day, why not do it with my kids and ingrain it in them at a very early age? I remember one day, a fabulous story of my eldest son, Jamie, who manifested something so remarkable. He walked into me one day and he said, "Dad, I really want to go and buy a computer game." A very normal thing for any kid to do.

And I said, "Mate, how much is this computer game?" He goes, "Oh Dad, it's 50 bucks." And I'm going, "Well, mate, I don't think you have 50 bucks, do you? I don't think you've saved up your pocket money." He said, "Yeah, yeah, I know, but I really want it now. And I don't want to have to wait 10 weeks to save it up," or however long it was. I said, "All right mate. Well, you know what mate? You go away and you try and manifest that. Think about it. Think about how it can come to be and [inaudible 00:16:33] and stuff."

Anyway, literally later that same afternoon, and I mean no shade of lie, later that afternoon, was about three and a half, four hours later, I get a phone call from a marketing person from Sydney Thunder. They were a cricket team in Sydney, part of the state roster, so Sydney versus Melbourne versus in Australia. They called to tell me that Jamie had entered a competition weeks and weeks and weeks ago, a competition he completely forgotten about, and in fact he had won, get this, a $50 voucher to EB Games which is a computer store that sells computer games.

Patricia Morris: What?

Andrew Hackett: I know. It was remarkable. 

Patricia Morris: That is fabulous.

Andrew Hackett: And not only that.

Patricia Morris: I love it. 

Andrew Hackett: The voucher was already in the mail and arrived the very next morning.

Patricia Morris: Oh wow.

Andrew Hackett: And that gives me goosebumps just thinking about it. And I just said to him, I said, "Mate." I came to him and I said, "You are the master manifester. I've never seen anything arrive that quickly." He was chuffed. He was chuffed.

Patricia Morris: What was his reaction?

Andrew Hackett: Oh, he was beside himself. He just looked at me and, "Oh yeah, I'd forgotten about that. That was, I did that four, six weeks ago," or whatever, enter that competition. 

Patricia Morris: Did he say, "Dad, this stuff works," or did he just kind of-

Andrew Hackett: He did. No, he did. He did. 

Patricia Morris: Oh good.

Andrew Hackett: He was blown away, and tell me, it definitely got the attention of the other two boys as well who have been busy manifesting a whole range of things since. They are very clever. The visualization stuff is really, really important about tuning the mind. To me, I love that.

Again, it doesn't matter what you want to create. It can be small. It can be big. It can be enormous. I have a range of visualization. Some of them are short term, some are medium term, and some of them are 20 to 25 year visualizations. It's all about me, my purpose, what I'm trying to do for the world and all this and stuff, because I'm determined to make all of this happen and I'm determined to helping these millions and millions of people change their lives. And to me, I've got to practice what I preach. I've got to show the world the real examples so that nobody can deny this, lead by that example as well. That's really important to me.

Patricia Morris: Yes. And on that note, since you just launched your masterclasses, this is something that you help people with or clients with, is this visualization or the mind part of this?

Andrew Hackett: Yeah, look, it's an interesting thing. So the masterclass is about setting in place a framework to get people started. So it's about working on that foundation and everything like that. 

Visualizations, I'll actually have some more online courses coming as part of Fear to Freedom Academy that I'm setting up, which is an online subscription service effectively, which then will have a whole range of online courses. And one of those will be all about the manifestation, just like book three of The Fearless Series. Book two is about to be released in the next couple of weeks. Book three in The Fearless Series, which will come out in the next three or four months, that actually talks specifically about manifestation and actually talks about both basic, intermediate, and advanced techniques associated with manifestation as well.

Patricia Morris: Nice. Wow. There is a lot that people can check out if they're interested in that topic in a more in depth way.

Andrew Hackett: Thank you. And look, it's all about providing as much value as I can to people and making sure that that value is consistently rolling out over a period of time.

So thinking about this. Okay, so we've got the mind. The mind's really important. We know the power of the mind and we understand that. But what I think, what I come across is a lot of people, they forget about the body. We're all busy people. We get very caught up in our busy lives. We want quick and easy food-based solutions. Unfortunately a lot of that involves fast food and junk food and things like that, which in my opinion doesn't help us, but it does fill it. I mean, it gives us a very short-term fix. But it's not just about diet. It's also about the physical aspect, keeping the body moving, building up strength, building up cardiovascular fitness, all that sort of stuff.

We need to really think and understand all about that because someone said to me a while ago and I sat down and I explained to them what my 3 year, my 5 year plan, and my 20 year plan was. This person is someone whose opinion I respect greatly, said to me, "Andrew, are you looking after yourself?" I went, "Well, yeah, I guess I am. I ... Yeah, I mean I eat okay and I get out and do some light exercise, and I probably drink too often. I never drink too much, but I often drink too often as in every other day or a couple of times a week."

He said to me, "Andrew, if you are going to achieve where you are going to be in 20 years time, and I've got no doubt that you will, if you are not looking after yourself now, when you get there, you will fall in a heap and you'll not be able to do it. You've got to start physically preparing yourself now for your success in 5, 10, 20 years' time." 

Patricia Morris: So is he meaning you needed to be more conscious about that than you were?

Andrew Hackett: Yes.

Patricia Morris: Oh, okay. Okay.

Andrew Hackett: Yes, absolutely very much so.

Patricia Morris: I just wanted to clarify. Okay, gotcha. 

Andrew Hackett: It's easy for us to go, "I'm going to change my diet and I'm going to get my exercise and lots of stuff," but I've got to do it as well was kind of the point he was being ... making very gently and very respectfully, basically telling me I'm being lazy. 

The point being, if we don't, if I don't start looking after myself properly now, when I need the energy, when I need the physical endurance, when I need the mental stamina in 5 years' time and in 10 years' time and in 20 years' time, when I'm rarely a time because I'm constantly on a plane traveling to different locations around the world, when I'm up on stage every second or third day, when all of this is actually happening, I'm going to need to be my physical body.

We all recognize for me to be able to do anything like that, my mental conditioning, my mental side of things has to be in absolute 200% performance mode. It just, it needs to be able to function purely. But my physical body needs to as well. And this is where a lot of people forget. They buy food that's quick and easy and convenient without realizing the actual toxicity that's building up within their body. They go home and they have a glass of wine or a drink of Scotch. And look, I'm guilty of that as well from time to time, because we want to unwind from the day that we've had.

If we're not looking after our physical body, we're also missing part of the solution, the destination that we want to get to. And I think that's a really important thing for the world to understand because we tend to think that ... I mean for certainly for a lot of men, we think that we're immortal until something happens to us physically. Like when I ruptured two discs in my back a couple of years ago, it really sits you down and makes you realize, "Actually I'm not as immortal as I thought I perhaps was," and you start to realize your own mortality and stuff. 

As part of any holistic solution, we've got to look not just at the mind but we've also got to look at the body and respect it. It is a machine. It needs the right fuel. Too many of us, our diets are so skewed that the way that our body absorbs nutrients and stuff is completely and utterly damaged. 

It can be resolved. It can be fixed. There are certain things. And there's even some fabulous natural ways to kickstart the body that don't involve an entire rewrite of your diet and don't involve an entire exercise program and stuff. There are certain ways, science, medical science and that has caught up with it. And even using alternative therapies, even using natural ways to do that.

And if anybody ever wants to know or wants to talk about these, I'm willing to have this chat with people because I want people to be healthy. I want people to connect with them. I want them to be able to detoxify their body. I want them to be able to move forward so that their bodies self-heal and grow and develop over a period of time the way they did when they were young and children before they became teenagers and started slowly poisoning the body that we do now.

Patricia Morris: Right. Another angle on that too, Andrew, is I am also a massage therapist and I do energy work as well. And because of what I do, I help people who store emotions or other energies in their body. For instance, those of us who are sensitive souls or empaths, or whatever you want to call it, for us, exercise is essential because we can store so much in our bodies. I spend my days helping people release that, that they've been storing in their bodies, and if they're not exercising to help push that process along, it is a lot harder, not only for me to do my work and helping people with that, but also a lot harder for them to release it as well. 

There's just something about the natural process of physical exercise. This doesn't mean you have to run a marathon, doesn't mean you have to go out and run all these crazy races or anything like that, unless you want to. It just means that you need to get your body moving so that you can process and clear out any stuff that you're storing in your body that will manifest on a physical level.

Andrew Hackett: I completely agree. Absolutely. Look, that's about getting as much of the negative energies that you absorb from others and the negative energies that you build up within yourself, and the toxins that are created from all of that, from our own mind, let alone our diet.

Patricia Morris: Yeah. So the mind overlaps the body on that one. Well, they all do.

Andrew Hackett: Absolutely.

Patricia Morris: They all do because they all work as a whole.

Andrew Hackett: Absolutely. In fact, nearly everybody I work with, they start off wanting to try and fix the mind because that's what they're told they need to do. But they are then surprised when their poor body conditioning keeps dragging their mind back into the sewer as well. And they don't realize that they've actually got to work on both at the same time to achieve the optimum result. And that's really, really important.

In the same way. Look, it's an interesting thing. I do a lot of my work online, so I'm constantly sitting at a computer for instance. 25 years of management consulting as well leads me to sit at the computer for long periods of time. But as any chiropractic will tell you, we're just, the human body's not designed to sit for 10 hours a day. We're just not designed to do that.

We're actually designed to be hunting and gathering 14 hours a day, which means we're upright and we're walking around all the time in that. So it's no surprise that if you could even just fit an hour of walking into your day, even half an hour a day, for instance, but you could do it every day, the beneficial results that can come from that in relaxing your mind, dealing with stress, getting toxins out of your system, realigning your body, getting everything working properly and stuff like that, as well as obviously helping with a little bit of weight loss, burning excess fats, all this whole range of things.

These sorts of things are really, really important. We need to start giving attention to this if people want real change. I've got some clients that are remarkable at what they do and I keep saying to them, "If you want to take your business or you want to take your offering or your life or your life purpose to the next level, you have to pick up your game in regards to health and fitness, because you are just not going to have the mental or the physical stamina to be able to pull it off until you start looking after your body."

Patricia Morris: Yes, yes. Very, very true.

Andrew Hackett: So then, okay, that leads us to the spirit aspect. Again, look, I just need to be clear. This is not ... Now, anything that I teach and talk about on any of these podcasts it's completely nondenominational. I bear no judgment to anybody about what religious beliefs you want to undertake. That is your choice. It is completely within your decision and your right to choose as you see fit.

When I talk about the spiritual aspect of the mind, body, and spirit holistic solution, what I'm actually talking about is not so much a particular religious doctrine or anything. What I'm talking about is the way we interact with the universe. One of the point, the way the universe assists us in an intuitive way to provide solutions and synchronicities or coincidences, if that's the way we want to call them, to help us move forward in what we desire.

Now, of course, keeping in mind this whole universe is a mirror concept, and we'll talk about that in a lot of detail in another session. The universe reflects back to us what we put out. So it's all about what we're focusing on. So if we're focusing on a lot of negative things in life, the universe is going to say, "Right, okay, I understand that's what you want to experience in life," because we've got freewill. We've got the right to choose at any point in time what we want to experience in life. So if we're choosing negative thoughts, we're choosing negative feelings and negative actions and everything [inaudible 00:29:40], the universe is going to just go, "Okay, that's what you want to experience in life. So I'll give that back to you." 

However, if we want to be positive and we want to focus on our destination, we want to focus on what we're trying to do for the world, and all these wonderful, happy wonderful thoughts, the universe is also going to reflect that back too. 

Now, that's where good visualization comes in. But the problem is, in getting back to your earlier question about manifesting what's going on, I find everybody, I talk about the fact everybody's a master manifestor. In fact, we're all already doing it. We can't ignore that fact. It is a simple truth. In fact, I don't care what you want to call it, but we are all manifesting our life. If we are currently unhappy in our life, all we are doing is manifesting an unhappy life experience. We're manifesting a life that is leaving us wanting. 

This is really important to understand because at any point we can make a constructive decision to choose a better life, to choose a better life experience, to choose something different than what we're experiencing at the moment.

So if we are giving all of our thoughts and attention to something, the universe will reflect that back without judgment. But it's up to us to make that choice. You cannot manifest something for someone else. You can't. You can empower someone to manifest it for themselves. But the universe only reflects back to us what we put out. So the universe reflects back to me what I put out. The universe doesn't reflect back to my partner, Michelle, what I put out. It reflects back to her what she puts out. So her thoughts, her feelings, her actions. 

This is what's really, really important about understanding the influence of the universe. This is where we get to the spiritual stuff. The universe knows a million more ways of manifesting something than a human can. It knows an infinite number of ways. So I might say to them, I want to be, and I'll just use an example. "I want to be an international New York Times best selling author, for instance, the end game, the big kahuna." 

Some might say, "That's all about ego and stuff." And yes, look, it probably is, but I'm just using this as an example. I can probably think about the steps that I need to take to get me there. But that thought process is going to be very limited to what I understand my capabilities are, the world's capabilities are, all that sort of stuff. The universe can tap into every mind intuitively, can tap into and influence every person, any person. It doesn't matter. 

I don't know if you've ever been in the situation, Patricia, where you sit back and you think, "Oh, I really want to get this happening, and I want to be able to create this or do this," and stuff. And then suddenly you get a call out of the blue from a complete stranger, and they offer you the precise opportunity you need to be able to move forward on what you're trying to move forward on. Has that ever happened to you?

Patricia Morris: Oh yes. Oh yes.

Andrew Hackett: Yes. Sure.

Patricia Morris: Many, many times.

Andrew Hackett: Yeah, that's right. And when we think about it, it actually happens all the time. What that is, is that is the universe influencing through synchronicities other people to putting thoughts into their minds, going, "Oh look, you should give Andrew Hackett a call. He's probably the right sort of guy for this," or, "You should give Patricia a call. She's probably the right gal for this." Effectively that is that limitless possibility that is available to all of us. That is the aspect.

If we ignore the universe, if we ignore that spiritual aspect to us, we are effectively cutting out our entire limitless possibility and everything that comes from that. Nobody's going to tell me that people like Richard Branson and Tony Robbins and being successful people like that, that they got to where they got to by purely applying physical steps every single step along the way. They didn't. They in their own way kind of surrendered aspects of what was going on. They effectively put out to the universe either consciously or unconsciously a desire to get to a certain point and they allowed the universe to provide those limitless possibilities for them to then take action on because of course the universe can't physically manipulate. It can only influence people to handle or operate or manage or produce those physical manipulations.

But they allow the universe to play in that space and to offer those synchronicities and those different people and everything like that. All they do is they're just very adept at seeing the opportunities when they happen so they can take action on them in that moment in time. That's ultimately what I'm talking about in regards to the spiritual aspect that is available to all of us in the mind, body, and spiritual holistic solution.

Patricia Morris: Yes, yes, yes. You have to be paying attention. That is very true because it can also be a very subtle signal from the universe as well. And if you're not paying attention to the various subtle signals. And most of the time they are subtle signals. You're not always going to get this huge giant sign right in front of you staring at you in the face. It is nice when that happens, but it doesn't happen that way most of the time. So the synchronicities like you mentioned, are another way to pay attention to how the universe is communicating with you. Wow. We can do another episode on that, Andrew.

Andrew Hackett: Oh, I think we should.

Patricia Morris: Yes.

Andrew Hackett: I think we certainly should.

Patricia Morris: Yes. So the ... Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Andrew Hackett: I was just going to say, ultimately speaking, this is why I talk about the ego as well. We talk about the ego as fear's foot soldier, and the ego is constantly in. The ego is loud. And the reason being is because the ego doesn't want you tapping into your intuition because the ego knows that intuition comes from a place of love. And the ego comes from a place of fear. And if you are tapping into your intuition, then the ego becomes irrelevant. It becomes, it loses its control over you, its host, right? 

That's why I say to people, intuition is spoken softly and gently and quietly because that is what love is about. Fear is loud and boisterous and arrogant and egotistical. So the ego is often loud because it is literally quite literally trying to drown out the intuitive guidance that we were all feeling in our every day. And that's why I think we have often have a lot of difficulty hearing our intuition because it's constantly been shouted down by the ego.

Patricia Morris: Yes, yes. And would you say another aspect of the spiritual part that we're talking about is the more you actually pay attention, the more the universe actually will speak to you and through you? Would you agree with that?

Andrew Hackett: Absolutely, I will. Yes, very much so. In fact, I've got too many examples of people that have worked with me and also people that haven't worked with me as well who talk about that exact same thing. When they start becoming consciously aware, and this is why I talk about the need for conscious connection, conscious connected choice. 

Once you become consciously aware of it, you suddenly start to see it everywhere. Synchronicity is everywhere, intuition flowing through everywhere. As soon as you start to disconnect to that ego, you start to see the power behind it all, and the beauty behind it all, and the mastery behind the way the universe influences people to help you achieve what you desire to achieve. 

And if you then dedicate your life, like I have, and it's just an example, you then dedicate your life to helping others to find that same spot, that signal to the universe of what you want to experience as your life experience, a life of abundance and limitless possibilities, that signal gets amplified by you and by them, by all of those people, and then that flows through faster and faster and faster.

Patricia Morris: Yes, exactly.

Andrew Hackett: So I think we've probably covered that off now. I'm not too sure how we're going for time, but this whole mind, body, spirit, spiritual aspect, I mean, I honestly I think I could probably talk for hours about it.

Patricia Morris: Oh, absolutely. There are many, many episodes we could create just on that topic alone. I know.

Andrew Hackett: Certainly. We'll have to slowly work our way through them I think. 

Patricia Morris: We will, definitely. 

Andrew Hackett: Thank you Patricia so much for your thoughts on that. What a great topic as well. And thank you to everybody who is listening. Now, if you want to connect with me, you can always go to andrewhackett.com.au. I've got my masterclass now available. We've got a whole bunch of videos and everything like that available there for you as well for free. You can also connect with me on Facebook if you just search for Andrew Hackett Australia. You can connect with me on Facebook and stuff, which is where a lot of my daily inspiration and everything like that comes out too. So thank you very much Patricia. I've had a fabulous day chatting.

Patricia Morris: Yes. Thank you so much. It's been a pleasure as always. And thank you to everybody for listening.

Andrew Hackett: Thanks everyone. Have a fabulous week. Talk to you next week. 

Patricia Morris: Goodbye.