Raising Your Vibration

Every thought, every feeling and every choice we make is based on one of two things.

Love or Fear. Each of these carry with them a frequency, and energetic vibration that signals to the universe around us what we want to experience in life.

The higher the vibration the happier we become. Bot how do you raise your vibrational frequency? By listening to today’s episode.

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Andrew Hackett: Good day, welcome to Illimitable Living. I'm Andrew Hackett and I'm here to talk to you about everything that the world needs to discuss about living a life free from fear's restricted boundaries; so that you can not only live a limitless life, but so that you can become truly illimitable. I am here from sunny Australia talking with my remarkable cohost, Patricia Morris, who has her own highly successful podcast series, Delving into the Mysteries of the Universe and How We Live Within It.

Good day everyone, this is Andrew Hackett, and you are listening to my podcast, Illimitable Living, where it's all about pure freedom without limits. I am talking to the wonderful Patricia Morris. Good day, Patricia. How are you doing this week?

Patricia Morris: I am doing wonderful. Thank you. How about yourself, Andrew?

Andrew Hackett: Yeah, look, the sun is shining, the sky is blue. You know, the world is a good place. So I'm a happy man.

Patricia Morris: Yes. Amen to that.

Andrew Hackett: So what did you want to cover off today?

Patricia Morris: Well, there's been a lot of talk out there lately about raising your vibration. I think our listeners would probably want to know a little bit more about what that means, because there's so much out there regarding raising your vibration, that I think it would be a good topic to discuss to help people understand what exactly that is, what it means, things they can do to raise their vibration, that kind of thing. So I think that would kind of be a good topic to start with today.

Andrew Hackett: Great. Love it. Fabulous. So okay where would we start? 

Patricia Morris: Yeah, there's so much. 

Andrew Hackett: I know. I know. I know. It's fabulous. It's such a beautifully broad topic, too, because it has such an integral influence on everything that we do in every day life. To better understand vibration, what we first need to do is understand energy. Now energy is something that we all are made up of. I'm not talking energy in regards to an energy that we burn, like kilojoules or combustible energies like oil, gasoline, would. You know that sort of stuff. 

What I'm talking about is, I'm talking about an energetic signature that everything has: people, animals, trees, the water, sky, physical things like desks and computers, all of these, even the pen you hold in your hand has an energetic signature to it which is more often referred to as a type of vibrational frequency. This energetic vibrational frequency that we give off, we also receive it. So our thoughts, our feelings, how we are feeling at any given moment. Any woman can tell me that they've walked into a bar or a club somewhere and they just walked into a room, for instance, and the energy in the place just feels really off. They don't feel comfortable. They have got this knot in their gut. It's like they need to get out of there. Or the energy from a particular guy giving them the attention they really don't want. What's happening there is the energy from the people in the room, or the energy from the guy is a little bit leery or kind of a bit creepy is giving off this energy and your energy and his energy are not suitable, not compatible, not working together. They in fact are clashing. 

Now we see this all the time. You'll see this in the room if you have a room full of Democrats in a room full of Republicans, you can just imagine the energy would be palpable at best. You could probably cut the air with a knife. But even the energy in schools and the energy in the office, in the workplace. Your energy between you and your lover, if you're in the mood and she's kind of not in the mood, obviously the energy signatures, the vibration that's given off between you is very, very different. 

Now, the interesting thing is is scientists have figured out how to measure this vibrational frequency. They can in fact measure it. They rate it in a scale of low vibration, which I think the lowest vibrations are emotional frequencies like guilt and shame. They then move to higher vibrations, which are like love and peace and joy. They even dubbed the highest possible vibrational frequency that they could record as Christ consciousness. Ultimately speaking, what that is, it's about that Christ consciousness. It's not so much about, it's not a religious thing, it's not about Jesus Christ per se, it's more about the type of energy that comes from an individual that gives off such an incredible vibration that it's all about the single soul, the one consciousness, the singularity of all beings, all living creatures, all working together and being part of the big one soul and the love that emanates the unconditional purity of love that comes from that. So, think of it as a bit of a scale. 

I'm not going to say that one is better than the other. I'm not going to say that at all, because I believe that we are all here to experience life and let life play out the way life is supposed to play out. I don't believe in a judgmental God. I believe that in fact the universe just wants to allow life to be what life is supposed to be. So I'm not going to say that love-based frequency is better than a fear-based frequency. They're just different frequencies. However, scientists have shown them to be low frequencies and high frequencies. So those low-based frequencies are in fact fear-based frequencies, negative frequencies; with shame I think being the lowest of the low, followed shortly by guilt. But even hate, racism, judgment, complaining, all those sorts of things are variations of a scale of frequencies that are given out by our thoughts and our feelings and our actions. 

Now these types of frequencies are given off by all living creatures, by all objects both man-made and natural. Everything that we experience is broken down to its simplest rawest absolute most raw form as a vibrational frequency, almost like you see illustrations of radio waves being sent out across the country or television waves being sent out across country. It's like this type of wave. Or we see water being manipulated by physical sound frequencies; and the water operates and moves in different waves. It's a very similar sort of idea. Some of these frequencies feel, and if we could see them, would appear quite harsh. Whereas others are smoother and more gentle and raw. Loving, so to speak. So that's the way I see and understand energy. 

Now, the real joy to it all, is when we start to see the world as different energetic forms. This was a popular, call it illustration, in the movie, The Matrix. I'm a big fan of the movie, The Matrix, not only for its entertainment value, but as some people say The Matrix, the trilogy of The Matrix was in fact a documentary. But you see later on as Neo becomes more enlightened, he starts to except his role as the one, the savior of the people of Zion, so to speak. You see, he starts to see things not as the matrix wants us to see it, which is the way the people move around us, the cars, the buildings, the ocean, the trees, but he starts to see it more as code. A green code falling from around him. Ultimately speaking, that is him seeing the energy around him. Now those different energy signatures, it's just an illustration for the purposes of the discussion. 

When you start seeing things as energetic frequencies, you start seeing one, their truer form. But more to the point, you start to see the connection between everything that is. It's in the same way that if we ... let me ask you Patricia, have you ever just had a thought about someone? Someone's just popped into your head for no unknown reason and then suddenly they call you out of the blue?

Patricia Morris: All the time. 

Andrew Hackett: Right. We refer to these as synchronicities. When in fact, what it is that person has popped into your mind because they've actually in fact had a thought about you. Their thought is being beamed out to the universe in all directions omni presently, like a radio wave. So it's a frequency that gets sent out. What is happening is your soul then picks up on that frequency. Then intuitively inserts the thought into your mind of that person, which might lead you to pick up the phone to call them just completely out of the blue or send them an email; or it might in fact happened and then suddenly they email you. 

Now this happens all the time. We do it completely unconsciously. All of us do it. In fact, the animals do it, the trees do it, the earth does it. Anybody who's ever worked on a farm, like I have, you know I owned and operated a farm for a while. We had cows. We had sheep. We had ducks. We had chickens. We had the eagle. The eagle was beautiful. It was remarkable. But the beautiful thing about it was those animals knew before I even arrived into their space, they knew what frame of mood I was in. If I was in a grumpy mood, and I and I often would if I was in a grumpy mood, I would go out into the paddocks because I knew it would calm me down. 

Because I always used to say, it only took one crazy baby goat to come bounding up to you with its ridiculous craziness, that you just can't be grumpy in that sort of space. It's hilarious. Particularly when you've got a paddock with 150 lambs and they're all charging around like crazy goats. It's remarkable. But even ducklings, even all this stuff, they would know what my state of mind was. If I was in a grumpy mood, they literally would give me space. But if I was in a happy, peaceful connected space, if I was present, they would literally run up to me for a pat; including the cows. It was such a beautiful reminder in every given moment that we are energetically connected to everything around us, including the people around us. 

Now, this is where the vibrational frequency comes in. So our vibrational frequency is a physical frequency, although we can't see it, we can certainly feel it. Certain frequencies, of course, we can hear, like music notes and things like that. But we can physically feel this vibrational frequency and we know it. It's like when we come and sit down together as a family and if everybody's in a beautiful mood it feels yummy doesn't it? It feels kind of delicious. You want to laugh and crack jokes and have a bit of fun with each other and eat a good meal. 

Whereas, if you walk into a space and it's a really negative space or there's a tragedy that's happened ... I always reflect back to 9/11. I remember that day so very, very clearly. My brother, you know I'm in Australia, so I got a call from my brother in the middle of the night, which the last time that happened was when Princess Diana died. He calls me to say someone's just flown a plane into the World Trade Center. I sat back and thought, okay, so some guy in a light aircraft has just accidentally crashed into the building. So I said, "Thanks, mate. Thanks for the heads up." Thought it was a bit weird that he called me to tell me that. I went back to sleep. 

I remember switching on the television at seven in the morning, which would've been sort of mid afternoon New York time. By that stage, the news was full stream ahead replaying the same images over and over again, not only of the first plane but of the second plane. Then the first building falling, then the second building falling, and then the third building falling. Just over and over again. 

Now I remember feeling the energy on that particular day was really, really low. There was a strong fear-based energy. There was a, people were thinking about grabbing pitchforks and torches and running off to burn the bad guy, so to speak. There was this real trauma that was happening in that space. Now the interesting thing is scientists actually recorded, they picked up on a global frequency that happened on that day. It's known as a test case of one of the worst days since they've been able to figure out and record these frequencies of where low frequency can happen on such a catastrophically global scale. 

We felt that very, very recently in Australia when an Australian terrorist went to New Zealand to murder 50 Muslims in a mosque. They were in their place of prayer. They were innocents and they were doing nothing to harm anybody. Now these people, they moved from their home country to a place like New Zealand, like Australia as well, to get away from terrorism to get away from that suffering. They want peace in their life. They want to live together in harmony. The frequency on that day was gut wrenching, just felt it, see it deep in your gut. It's a difficult time to raise your vibrational frequency in that time. It's not easy in the same it would have been very difficult to do it had I been aware of it back when 9/11 happened. So does that properly explain energy and at least the frequency? Before we get on to how do we raise it, before we get onto that, does that properly explain kind of what it is?

Patricia Morris: Yes, because another flip side of that, too, going back to the World Trade Center or back to what you were just saying about the shooter that went to New Zealand and was going to shoot up the mosque; the flip side of that too is it also brings an incredible energy of unity. Initially yes, we have the shock the fear, all of that stuff that happens, but then that humanness of us comes out of there all these people hurting. What can we do to help? What can we do? What kind of money or food or whatever can we send to all these people?

Andrew Hackett: Absolutely.

Patricia Morris: let's open our doors to the people who are homeless now because of this. All of these things come out and that is another energy frequency, too, that helps dispel that heavy energy frequency that happens when tragedies like that happen. So that's another demonstration of how energy works, too, is the flip side of that is the humanity that can be seen, the love for ... and I think everybody feels this for the most part when this happens, for a moment we all feel as one.

Andrew Hackett: I completely agree because you beautifully said, and really what that is is that's all about the balance. Energies need balance as well. You're right we have these deep low energies, but then this intuitive love-driven urge of humanity to come together, to nurture, to offer compassion, to connect, and fatally to come together as one. That was absolutely seen in New Zealand. It was absolutely felt in Australia, no question about it. We certainly saw it in regards to 9/11. 

I personally have an issue with retaliatory war-based events. But that's part of my belief system in itself. Sometimes, in a practicality sense, one could perhaps argue that there is some rhyme or reason towards it. I personally don't see that. I certainly don't have an issue and never will have an issue with people who are following orders, the people that serve and protect; because they do ... I say all the time, "Thank God they do what they do because it saves me having to do it." Because I'm not too sure whether I would have the stones to do it, to be quite honest with you. I think it takes an extraordinary amount of bravery and courage. I both honor and admire those that choose that path to protect and to serve everybody else. Same with policemen, same with ambulance officers and firemen and all the rest. I personally don't believe in war. I certainly don't believe in retaliation and anything like that. My interpretation, my understanding of the history of war is that war is more politically driven. It's driven by financial means. But that's my belief system and I certainly don't mean to offend anybody by offering that. 

But certainly watching Americans come together, watching the world come together in fact for that matter, as a result of the aftermath of 9/11, the incredible respect given to the first responders that had to deal with what they had to deal with and those that tragically lost their lives; to me, those worst moments of humanity-

Patricia Morris: Bring out the best in humanity. 

Andrew Hackett: Aren't they all part of the beauty of life as well? I know beauty is a very, perhaps controversial word to use for such a tragic moment, but the beauty behind the reaction, the humanity, the compassion, the way people come together afterwards; it's almost like the universe is trying to remind us of what we are, who we are, why we're here, and why it's so important for us to connect together and do what we came here to do. 

So the energy. You clearly understand in the energy that I'm talking about, if you're picking up on that humanity that happens afterwards, that beautiful heartfelt love driven moment. I see that you're picking up on that, so that's great. Then you also asked, what was it, it was all about raising your vibration, is that right? 

Patricia Morris: Yes, raising your vibration, for sure. 

Andrew Hackett: Okay. So, now the reason why we talk about raising your vibration is because when the scientists find the frequency, when they locate the frequency, again it's on a scale of low to high. They actually assign numbers to it, you know a thousand megahertz or 10,000 MHz or 500,000 MHz. I don't know what all the ranges are. There's a fabulous book that's written on it, as well, that talks about these types of frequencies. Wayne Dyer talks about it all the time, right at the moment it actually escapes me, but they talk about a low to a high. So again guilt, shame is the lowest of the low. Hate, racism, judgment, they're all down there, too. Then we certainly work our way up to kind of the middle ground where very normal every day kind of non-extreme emotions lie. Then we start to move towards things like compassion and happiness and joy and peace and lots of stuff as we go further up the scale, to get to the single consciousness, that Christ consciousness, which is absolutely right at the top. That is the pure, God-like state, I think is the way it's been described. 

The interesting thing is we can in fact actually choose our vibration. This is effectively what I'm talking about when I talk about in my book, Free from Fear, every thought, every feel, and every choice we make is based on love or fear. Obviously love is at the top half of that frequency and pure unconditional, sort of divine love is at the very top of that frequency. Fear is at the lower half of that frequency. It is everything that you experience as negative in your life. 

Now the ego lives in that bottom half of that frequency. The ego lives in that negative frequency space. However, it can sometimes masquerade as a high frequency. So you need to be very careful of the ego. See it's very clever in the way it parades and sort of controls us, it's host. But raising your vibration is ultimately about making constructive choices, conscious connected choices, what I refer to it as conscious connected choices in choosing love over fear, in choosing anything that is associated with love; so choosing friendliness, doing something for someone else, helping others, connectedness, collaboration, all of the sorts of things are slightly higher frequencies. 

If we're ever in a state ... I've use this example before, in the past I was verbally and quite physically attacked by a neighbor. It was all over a discussion about a boundary fence, believe it or not. In that moment, I decided, knowing full well that I was walking into a hostile situation, knowing full well the way that this person would react, I chose at that time to remain in a state of love. I chose to offer love to the situation. I chose to offer compassion and understanding to the situation. To be quite honest with you, you know how we all have those moments in our life, we have moments that we're quite proud of and we have moments we're also-

Patricia Morris: Not so quite proud of.

Andrew Hackett: Quite shameful of. Yeah that's right. That's a better way to put it. This is one moment that I was really, really rattled for a number reasons. One, if it had happened five or ten years earlier, I would have absolutely reacted and lashed out. There's no question about it because I just wasn't in a space to understand what I now understand. Two, I wanted to use it as, actually being able to see what was going to happen ahead of time, it was really obvious to me exactly how it was exactly going to play out, I wanted to use it as an opportunity for me to practice as I preach, to do what I say can be done in a situation that doesn't happen very often. So when you find a situation, particularly when you react to a situation, it is really good to practice it by just staying present, by not getting caught up in the ego, not allowing their ego to trick you or by listening to them, by acknowledging their pain and their suffering for whatever reason. 

Remember their actions are about them. It's not actually about me at all. This gentleman's reaction was not about me. It was all about the fact that he had experienced a past boundary dispute in another property, in another part of the country with nothing to do with me, of course. That issue had blown way out of control for him. It did end up in court. It almost destroyed his marriage and all those sort of things. So, all of these things had happened for him in the past. So of course, when I wanted to talk to him about moving a boundary fence which I knew to be in the wrong spot, and this was all before I was due to sell the property and I wanted to sell the property that was right. I didn't want to sell a range of problems to someone else, because to me that wasn't the right thing to do. Even though it was going to cost me a lot of money to move fences and all that stuff, to me it was the right thing to do. 

Even though I knew what the reaction would be, I wanted to use it as an example of proof, a test case, a case study, as to what could happen in a highly aggressive situation when someone's really hating on you, that when you offer love, what happens. Not only did it keep me in a state of peace, not only did it make me feel safe and happy because, of course, I was connected and I was in tune with my intuition. I knew that the universe had my back. Not in a moralistic sense, not in a right or wrong sense because that's not the way the universe works. I mean the universe had my back in my choice to choose love and offer compassion because that's what was needed at that moment in time. 

But also what had happened was over the period of the argument, the attack that was happening, eventually he started to calm; down because I wasn't reacting, because I wasn't adding fuel to the fire. This whole you can't fix something with the same energy that created it. You've got to offer an alternative balanced energy to resolve what needs to be resolved. The energy that was being offered from him was incredibly strong. We think fear is powerful, but, of course, fear is not powerful. Fear is in a state of fear. Fear in itself is fear. Love is powerful. Although his dominance, this gentleman was much taller and broader than me, a little bit older than me as well, and certainly not someone who I wanted to get into a physical altercation with. 

But what happened over a period of time, by me not reacting, by me not adding fuel to the fire, is he started to come down. He started to see his reaction. He then went through a bit of a process of starting to feel guilty and starting to feel shame about his actions. In fact, half an hour after we had parted ways, I just said to him, "We're going to have to agree to disagree on this one," because after he calmed down, he realized we weren't going to agree. I said, "Let's agree to disagree on this one. Let's just give it time and we'll see if we can come back and discuss it later." So we parted ways and then half an hour later, he came back and he apologized for his behavior and the way he reacted and all this sort of stuff. 

It's just a really, really beautiful example where, by just adding love, by raising the frequency, we can in fact approach things in a better way and change the physical reaction to it, change the physical energy associated with it, which is exactly what's happened. So that's what I mean by raising the frequency, raising our vibration frequency, is making a conscious connected choice to in fact actually rise above, is another phrase that used, to choose love over fear, to choose constructs of love over constructs of fear in any situation. 

We've seen situations, I've been in situations where people are physically fighting; two drunk guys at the pub in fisticuffs really belting the daylights out of each other, to use another Australian sort of colloquialism. That particular time as well, I thought I'm going to give this a go. I heard about being able to do this. I literally physically put myself in between them. I just started saying, "Hey guys! How you doing?" I was very bright and bubbly and all this and stuff. "You know, what's going on? What's the disagreement all about?" First of all, there was shock and surprise. One, I copped a few hits as well, but they won't directed at me, so that's not what it was about. When you put yourself into the middle of two guys literally having it out, you're bound to get in the way. 

But what happened is, first of all there was this initial shock for them that, "Who is this weird guy who's just stepped in the middle of the way? We're right in the middle of something. We're kind of enjoying this." Their egos were at full flight. So they both started to pause. Then they started to argue against me, you know, "None of your business! This is between us!" and all that sort of stuff. Then they started supporting each other in their argument and actually colluding with each other. Then eventually they started to realize that I was just obviously completely insane, completely mad, and they went off and bought each other a drink. 

Now, this is a very manly way to deal with our problems. We tend to lash out. We tend to do what we have to do and then we end up by being best mates afterwards type of idea. It's a bit of a blokey thing that kind of happens. Certainly it can be very Australian in every sense of the word. 

Patricia Morris: I was just thinking that. 

Andrew Hackett: Some parts of Australia are very much caught in the Wild Wild West, so to speak. But the point being is that when we choose love and quite literally when we choose love in the most negative of circumstances, that in itself is the appropriate time. That is in itself where it is the most powerful. That is in itself where a higher vibrational frequency overrides the lower vibrational frequency.

Now, what I mean by that is in the same way the old analogy, "Darkness cannot survive the presence of light," it is absolutely true in every sense of the word. Fear cannot survive the presence of love. A lower vibrational frequency cannot survive the presence of a higher vibrational frequency. It's universal law, whether you believe it or not, it is still fact. It is still true. When you start choosing through conscious connected choice higher frequencies, constructs of love over constructs of fear, you'll know. You'll feel it. You'll understand exactly what I mean by that. 

Patricia Morris: Yes I would love to add something to that as well. I'm a musician and I also do sound healing, which is an alternative form of ... and we do a lot of vibration and frequency healing. One phenomenon that I've always found very applicable to what you were just talking about is if you take two tuning forks, for instance, if you just think of a regular tuning fork. People use that for tuning musical instruments and things like that. But if you get two tuning forks that resonate on the same frequency, so if it's like a 633 Hz fork, for instance, and you have another one that's a 633 Hz fork, if you strike one fork and not the other and you just hold them up, eventually the other fork will start to sing at the same frequency. That is the epitome of what you just said of you're going to attract, or at least help people sing at your frequency. 

Andrew Hackett: I love that, love that phrase. That is so beautiful. Absolutely. 

Patricia Morris: Yes. So that's how it works.

Andrew Hackett: Fabulous. It's an interesting thing. We as humans, we've got so much to learn about sound frequency. They talked about the ancients using sound frequencies to lift really heavy stones that couldn't possibly have been lifted in their day and age, using sound frequencies to heal, using sound frequencies to communicate as well. Ultimately speaking, we hear of these, we think about them as super powers, telekinesis, extrasensory perception, being able to talk with our minds and stuff like that, we all do it. We just do it at an energetic level. I don't know anybody who's been so connected with another person, their lover, that words just cannot possibly communicate what happens between you. The English language, in fact any language-

Patricia Morris: Any human language.

Andrew Hackett: Correct. Cannot possibly communicate what goes on between two, what I call soul born lovers, or two twin flames, people who have come together from past lives to be here to save humanity, to do whatever they need to do and they have to be together. There is something that goes on. That is definitely two very high frequencies coming together, to create some magic that definitely needs to happen. 

It's an interesting thing. Michelle and I talk all the time about when we met and how we met. For those of you that have read my book, Free from Fear, you know the beauty of that story. Her visiting me in my dreams before I even knew she existed. Some five years later, I physically saw her for the first time . She was exactly the person that was in my dreams. There was no question in my mind about it. Ultimately, what it was is, the universe planting these seeds, not only to help me heal, to help me get over my sexual abuse as a teenager, to help me move forward; but ultimately what I had to do was I had to raise my frequency. 

If Michelle and I had met just by chance at the time I was having those dreams, we would not be together today because our frequencies were very, very different. Hers at that stage were assuming a lot higher than mine because I wasn't in a good space. I was in a fear driven thing. I had been for 20 to 25 years, spent a large amount of that time with my head at the bottom of the bottle. Although it's not something I'm proud of, it is something that I now recognize that that was necessary to be able to get me to where I am today. For me and Michelle to meet at the time that we did, I had an enormous amount of work to do: in personal growth, in fixing myself, in understanding myself, in choosing love over fear. So that when I met her, we were at compatible frequencies. 

I don't know if anybody's been on the dating scene. I haven't really been on that and I wasn't on the dating scene then, either. Although I was separated for ten months, I wasn't ready yet. Michelle and I just happened. We didn't have much of a choice in the matter, to be quite honest with you. It all happened around me, which is part of its beauty as well. The interesting thing about it, though, people that are on the dating scene, they use words like, "I just didn't feel it. We just didn't connect." What that is, is that is the picking up on incompatible frequencies. If your frequency is aligned with the person and you're supposed to be together and stuff like that, I'm telling you right now, you're not going to be able to speak properly, let alone walk properly, and you're certainly not going to have any say in it. It's just going to happen because the energy that happens between it is like ... I don't know if you've ever seen wild animals go through that mating dance. You know we see it on David Attenborough productions all the time. There's a real natural synchronistic kind of beauty to it. That's what happens when frequencies align. In the same way you might get a spiritual group of people together that are together to do some meditations and stuff like that. The energy in the room feels really beautiful. 

I mentioned in a previous podcast [inaudible 00:35:23] conference, the energy's really just really delicious, just by him being in the room, because everybody's feeding off of it, it is so addictive. That vibrational frequency, it's a choice. It is genuinely a choice in any given moment. That's ultimately what I'm getting at when I talk about choosing love over fear, choosing love constructs over fear-based constructs. That's ultimately what we're doing. By choosing love constructs, by thinking of the love constructs, by your thoughts feelings and choices about what needs to happen, happening, ultimately speaking, in doing just by making that choice in itself, let alone taking the actions required for that choice to become manifest, that is raising your vibrational frequency, having happier thoughts, more pleasant thoughts, thoughts of love, thoughts of connectedness, thoughts of collaboration, helping people, helping the needy, doing work with people that need your help. All of that sort of stuff is all about raising your vibrational frequency. The really exciting bit, this is where the [inaudible 00:36:33] is, the really exciting bit is when you raise your vibrational frequency, that's the signal you send out to the universe. 

Bet you have all heard one point or another, me talking about the universe being a mirror, the mirror that reflects back to us what we put out. If you're putting out fear-based frequencies all the time: guilt, shame, depression, unhappiness, I can't do this, I can't do that so I'm not worthy, the universe reflects that back to you. So your life experience is in fact created by negative low frequencies. However, if you're focusing on raising your vibrational frequencies, if you're focusing on choosing love through conscious connected choice, you are in fact actually getting a response back from the universe that is all about that, as well. If you can get other people to join in through meditation or by helping others and them feeling that high vibrational frequency, that frequency gets amplified. The more people the better. That's where real humanity-wide change happens. That's where the real beauty and humanity comes together. 

Patricia Morris: Yes. That's exactly how you attract your tribe, as well. You attract your tribe through the energy you put out. I love that you told your story about how you and Michelle, how you had to change your frequency in order to meet the woman who is the love of your life on that frequency. Because that's really how it works, whether it's in love, whether it's in ... if you're just sick of the same toxic relationships that you had in your life, one way to change that is to change your frequency and what you're putting out, because you mentioned something very important, Andrew, that I think the listeners would resonate with, is you can't have two dissonant frequencies together. Then it's just going to be fighting and all that all the time, right? 

Andrew Hackett: Yes that's right. 

Patricia Morris: Right. So what has to happen is one of those frequencies has to change in order for true peace and love to exist. So if you're looking for a more peaceful relationships, more loving kind of relationships, if you're living in that type of frequency yourself, that's what you're going to attract. Same goes with if you're living in a fear-based frequency or living in a shame-based frequency, that's the type of tribe you're going to attract as well. 

Andrew Hackett: I completely agree. It actually doesn't matter whether you're unconscious or conscious about it, in all honesty with you, it doesn't matter because it's a universal law. It's not something that you can change per se. Now I was going through a separation it was nine, ten months later when I actually met Michelle. I wasn't conscious about this. I wasn't conscious I was doing this. I wasn't conscious about the fact that I had to raise my vibration. I wasn't even aware of this concept at the time. The universe had just insisted that that's what I had to do. The universe put the opportunities in a synchronous [inaudible 00:39:38] place that I now recognize as the synchronicities. So the interesting thing was when I met Michelle, it was only in hindsight, years later, looking back onto it, that I suddenly started to see the patterns. I talked to her about it and she started to see the patterns. We started to realize that if we had met five years before or ten years before, we just wouldn't be together because we were very, very different people. We weren't ready for each other at that stage. 

Now this is part of what I think is so beautiful about the universe, because the universe knows what we need. The universe knew that my ex-wife, my wife at the time and I, we weren't happy together and that we weren't going to be happy together and that we needed to separate to find happiness, which we both did with different people. The universe knew that I needed someone like Michelle in my life to get me to a state, to create that perfect balance needed for me to be able to do what I am doing today, which is spending my life dedicated to helping people choose love over fear, to helping people create the life they believe that they were born to have. So all of this is part of that remarkable orchestration that I believe is absolutely available to everyone. I think in some aspects we just need to believe a little to see the synchronicities as they happen, to try and hear the intuition and its whisper, as it comes, when it arrives. 

Patricia Morris: Yes, thank you for clarifying that by the way. That was a great point that you made as far as if you're not in that frequency yet, the universe does kind of have a way of helping you towards that frequency. So thank you for clarifying that. You are 100% correct on that. 

Andrew Hackett: You're welcome. As I said, we don't have to be ... it happens whether we're conscious or unconscious, but if you are consciously choosing it, the process is faster. There's no question in my mind. I've proven this time and time again, not just with in myself, but within others as well, that I work with. If you are choosing through conscious connected choice to raise your vibration, to choose love, the results that come back to you, the ones reflected back to you from the universe and the benefits that come from the flow of that accelerate exponentially the more and more you do it, and the longer you do it; because then it becomes more of an unconscious competent behavioral pattern, or an unconscious behavioral baseline as I refer to it as, that is about consistent application. You then spend more and more time in that space so it becomes more of who you are, which means every thought every feeling every choice you make is based on love. So therefore, every opportunity is also based on that when it's reflected back from the universe. 

Patricia Morris: Yes and thank you, Andrew, oh wow, I was just thinking while you were speaking that we possibly could have another topic on this because I know time is running out definitely; but it would be awesome to have another topic as far as ways to raise your vibration. I know we kind of tapped into that just a little bit in this, but there are still other tools out there that help you to raise your vibration as well. That would be an awesome podcast episode for another time, for sure. 

Andrew Hackett: I think that's a fabulous idea, for sure write it down on the list and we'll definitely get onto it. Absolutely. 

Patricia Morris: Definitely. Maybe we'll do it soon after this one so we don't have to keep our listeners waiting too long for that one. 

Andrew Hackett: Although, I like the anticipation though. That's good. 

Patricia Morris: That's true. That's true. That is a good thing, as well. 

Andrew Hackett: Well thank you so much for your help this week, Patricia. I love these discussions we have and I certainly hope our listeners all love them, too. Remember guys, if you want to get these podcasts happening and into your inbox, subscribe. Subscribe. Subscribe. Subscribe. That way you don't miss in any of these episodes. Also, you can attach and connect with me on Facebook. If you search Andrew Hackett Australia, you can find my page on Facebook where all my daily inspirations and everything like that come out. Also, of course, you can go to AndrewHackett.com. You can see everything that I have available for you. There's a lot of free stuff on there too, as well. Soon, a lot more coming out as well for everybody to enjoy. Thank you again, Patricia. It's been an absolute pleasure. 

Patricia Morris: It is absolutely my pleasure, so thank you. Goodbye everyone, it was a pleasure.

Andrew Hackett: Take care.

Patricia Morris: Bye-bye.