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Today we introduce the illimitable living podcast series.

Each week I talk with the remarkable Patricia Morris, about all the things we believe the world needs to discuss, in the hope that we can all work together, with a more compassionate understanding, towards making the world a better place for all living beings.

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Andrew: Good day. Welcome to illimitable Living, I'm Andrew Hackett and I'm here to talk to you about everything that the world needs to discuss about living a life free from fears restricted boundaries, so that you can not only live a limitless life, but so that you can become truly illimitable. I am here from sunny Australia talking with my remarkable
cohost Patricia Morris, who has her own highly successful podcast series, Delving into
the Mysteries of the Universe and How we Live Within it.
Hello Patricia and thank you so much for joining me on this amazing project that I know
is going to change the lives of those who tune in.

Patricia: Yeah, this was neat how this all came about. Andrew actually contacted me and wanted
to know how I felt about collaborating with him on starting a podcast. And I was very
intrigued because I have read his books, or one of his books so far, he has other books
coming out and he'll talk about that later. And I resonated very much with his thoughts,
his philosophies, that kind of thing. So I knew that the energy would flow really well
between us and it could be a very very good thing, not only collaborating just with each
other, but with the rest of the world.
So I'm so so excited for this project and Andrew, do you want to talk a little bit more
about what your goals are for this? So the listeners kind of know what to expect.
Andrew: Yeah absolutely, thank you. So I have been wanting to put together a podcast of my
thoughts and my perspectives and my teachings for quite some time. I do like
conversational podcasts like this one, as well, where it gets people from a couple of
different walks of life, just talking through really important things that need to be
discussed. I think this is a very effective way and easy way to listen to it, but it's also a
very effective way to get the discussion going. Ultimately speaking, that's all I'm trying
to do.
I'm trying to put new ideas, new theories, a lot of old theories and ideas as well that I
think we need to hear again as well, put them on the table so we can get a discussion
going. When I was on your podcast last year, the energy that you give out in not only the
podcast that we did, but in all the other podcast reels that I've listened to, it's something
that aligns very very heavily with ultimately what my purpose in life is. And for me, that
is to try and get people out of these kind of fear driven culture that we find ourselves in.
Help them find meaning amongst this search for meaning crisis that a lot of us are lost
in. And to help us find our purpose in life, so that we can actually start taking action on
something that is really meaningful for us and for others as well.
So, this podcast, it's effectively about getting people out of their fear driven state. My
book, Free From Fear, Understanding Fears Control Over Your Life and why Loving it will
Set you Free, talks about this love and fear dichotomy that we're faced with in any given
moment. And that in fact it's through our own choices and more importantly taking
control, taking charge of our choices, that we can in fact influence not only the way the
universe interacts around us, but we can in fact influence the result that comes from the influence, from the universe from that given influence that we are putting out. And
ultimately speaking, the power, the empowerment that can come from that, for
anybody, is overwhelming, is really the possibilities that come from that are incredible.
So, what I wanted to do, I've got the Free from Fear book out, I've also got my fearless
series coming out, so book one of the fearless series was released last November. I've
got book two coming out in the next couple of months and the rest coming out
throughout the rest of this year. They're all about ultimately walking people through the
process. Because what I want to do, it's not something I want to keep to myself, it's
something that I want to put on the table there because, although I work with people
one on one, I do a lot of one on one coaching of individuals, I also do group work as well.
And I've got a whole new range of offerings coming up over the next few months too.
What I want to do is I want to make this available for everyone, so that everyone can
buy this book series, work their way through it themselves, if that's all the time and
money that they have to put towards dedicating to changing their life. And to me that's
really really important. And of course, when the energy you share with someone, the
connection you share with someone is so strong, like I feel my connection is with you
Patricia, I had to have you on the show. I've gotta have someone to keep me honest, so I don't end up rambling too much and going off on too many different tangents. But
someone that can also challenge some of my thoughts and beliefs as well, because I
think that's really healthy for society to do that.
Again, I want to get a discussion happening. I want to get some real life and some real
energy behind this. And ultimately speaking, I want to talk about this to everyone
because I think it's really really important. I think it's a really really important matter,
irrespective of who we are, irrespective of what belief system we have, what upbringing
we come from. A discussion is a discussion and if done in a respectful, loving, trusting
way, I think it can only bring good things. Not only for myself, but for everybody around
us as well.

Patricia: Yes I agree. And one thing that I really loved that you said earlier, before we started
recording, was you wanted to let everybody know that your truth is not their truth.
What can you tell us more about that? Because I think that is a very important point to
make to our listeners, is to understand that the things that we talk about aren't
necessarily going to be something that they have to take on as their own, if it doesn't
resonate with them that's okay, just like anything in life. If it doesn't resonate with you,
then don't take it on. Only take that which does resonate with you.

Andrew: Absolutely, yes. And the way I phrase it is, my truth does not have to be your truth. I
don't ask people to just wholesale accept what I believe. I don't ask them to just accept,
without discussion, accept without thought, what I have to say. All I'm trying to do is to
offer a different perspective, that's all I'm doing in talking my truth, or speaking my
truth, is to offer a different perspective. To sew a seed, a seed of endless possibilities.
You see, a perspective, from all different walks of life and it's not just my perspective,perspectives from other spiritual teachers, perspective from other mindset coaches,
new and old.
This perspective ultimately sews a seed and what ultimately it's trying to do is to set
people on a path to help find their own truth, that's all I want to do. I offer my truth in
the hope that they will find their truth. And, in turn, perhaps even their purpose in life. I
believe we all have a purpose in life and I all believe we came here to fulfill that
purpose, the problem is is 90% of us have forgotten what their purpose is. And that's
also kind of what's life's all about too. What I do believe is that through discussion,
through analysis, through a bit of bravery and a bit of courage, we can find that purpose
again and we can turn that purpose into an ongoing concern. We can turn it into
something practical, perhaps even profitable, so that we can feed our families and put a
roof over our heads and do what we came here to do in helping others. Because I
believe if I fulfill my purpose, that helps others fulfill their purpose, find and fulfill their
By them fulfilling their purpose, it'll help others find and fulfill their purpose. And it's like
a giant pay it forward scheme and all of it is just enabled through offering love through
open and honest, respectful discussion about what will be, end up by being some pretty
crazy subjects and pretty crazy topics that we'll cover.

Patricia: Oh yeah, those are going to be wonderful topics. I can't wait. Those are the ones that
kind of get my heart beating and my brain lit on fire, the ones that are just the crazy, the
really deep deep deep topics that really really cause you to go inward very deeply and
uncover layer upon layer upon layer, to finally get to the root of that which is placing
that fear in your life. So yes, you are very correct about that.

Andrew: The fear aspect is important and the reason why I focus on fear is because fear is the
root cause of everything that holds us back. Fear in itself, shuts us down, disconnects us,
makes us unhappy. It stops us from being capable. And fear has this wonderful foot
soldier called the ego. The ego lives within all of us, it's stronger in some of us then it is
others. And again, this isn't a competition, there is no fast path to enlightenment so to
But why I focus on fear is because fear is everything that love isn't, fear is everything
that stops us from achieving and being who we truly are. And I believe fear is also the
main contributing factor to why most of us have forgotten who we truly are. And look,
to be quite honest with you, when the light bulb comes on, when I sit with someone and
the light bulb, you see it come through their eyes. And it leaps out of their heart, when
they suddenly realize who they are, they suddenly awaken to why they're here. And
more to the point, they suddenly believe that they can make it a possibility. To me,
that's the most extraordinary thing you can ever witness within a person and that is
what drives me to do exactly what I do.

Patricia: Yes, that's beautiful. I love that you say that, because I think ultimately that's what all of
us really want in this world, all of us in this work. We want to help people remember
who they are and to let go of that which is holding them back. So for instance I loved
that you said you're not here to make, and I'm butchering probably what you just said,
as far as you don't want to, your truth is not their truth. I loved that because and that
resonates with me because the old paradigm was built on fear. The old paradigm was
built on somebody telling you what your truth should be.
A classic example of that would be religion and I'm not anti religion, so I just want to say
that, religion does serve it's purpose for people who feel like they need that in their life.
However, for me it's not my truth, but a lot of the old religions out there were in a place
of telling you how to believe, how to interact with the divine, what that looks like, how
it should look like, rather then teaching you what that would mean for you. So I love
that you said that, because that's my goal as well, in everything that I do with this work,
is helping people realize what that is for them, not what I'm telling them that is. Not
what you're telling them that is Andrew, but what that is for them and helping them
unlock and declutter all the stuff that maybe in the way of helping them transform into
So, I'm so excited to collaborate with you on this and helping our listeners get to a
deeper level of that kind of healing.

Andrew: I completely agree and look, that's what it's all about and a podcast is such a remarkable
way to do that because it is made available to all, most podcasts are often free and
certainly I intend to offer my podcast for free as well. But again, this is all about what we
can offer. I say all the time, if we don't offer ourselves as the solution to the worlds
suffering, who's going to really? And if I can just motivate one person to find the truth
within themselves, if they want to adopt some things that I teach and that we say
together and we work out collectively, as their own truth, fabulous. That's really
awesome, bring it on I say.
But I welcome that just as much as I welcome someone challenging my truth with
whatever they believe their truth to be, because that is what life's all about. It's about
unique people, with unique upbringings, with unique opportunities and more to the
point, unique purposes in life. Getting back to the religion thing, I was raised in a
staunchly Catholic family, I realized over time that it wasn't going to work with me as an
individual and I stepped away from the church. It's not that I stepped away from God,
it's not that I stepped away from my belief system. What I do is I just chose to create a
more intimate belief system within myself, that heavily aligns with the teachings of
really all religions to be quite honest with you.
I think all religions have a lot of value to add. What I personally objected to, particularly
when I was younger, was sometimes the way religions have a doctrine that must be
followed. I don't believe there's any one belief system that needs to be followed or must
be followed at all, I think we all can have our own belief systems. And in fact, I think it's a natural born right for us to believe and think whatever we want to believe and think.
It's completely our right and our choice and that's part of the magic of what is the
universe and everything around us.
Again, I'm also not anti religion at all. Just the work that I do is what I call outside or
beyond denomination. It's outside, it's about compassion, it's about tolerance, it's about
free spirited ness, about helping others. A lot of what I teach is about connecting people
back to their true true self, not the preconditioned, overly educated, structured,
controlled self that we've kind of developed over decades of life. I think it's time to kind
of break the outer shell and get back to that raw beauty that is within all of us. And
everybody can do it in my mind, there's no one I've ever come across that I haven't been
able to do that with.
And again, watching that spark go off within them when that fire ignites again, is a truly
beautiful thing to witness and a real honor for me to be able to witness as well.

Patricia: It is, that's why this is so exciting to be able to collaborate. And you touched upon
something too that I wanted to comment on is how podcasts are an extraordinary thing,
especially if you consider the fact that I'm here in the United States and you are in
Australia. Ten years ago, even ten years ago this would not have been possible. So, this
is such a beautiful thing where people from around the world can now collaborate with
each other and like you said, compare their stories, their backgrounds, what they have
learned, what their perspectives are, because each one of us has a unique perspective
based upon the cultures that we come from, the backgrounds that we come from, the
way we were raised.
I mean so many things can come into play with that and I think it's a beautiful thing that,
if we can all get together no matter where we are from, no matter what our background
is, no matter what our belief system is and really truly hear each other out and
understand where we all come from. That really we are, even though there are so many
differences, we have so much in common and so much, you know that whole phrase of
we are all one, literally is true when it comes to that. So, I love that we're doing this and
I love that we're going to have some really neat discussions on all of that. I just can't

Andrew: Let me introduce what I really want us to talk about throughout the podcast series,
however long that podcast series will be. And you've seen the list of subjects that I think
you and I can get down and dirty in on a day to day basis. So, the list is quite extensive
as you know, so I know that this is not just going to be a five or six podcast series.
Ultimately what I do when I work with people is, I walk people through a fairly, what I
refer to as a fairly simple process. Ultimately it's about firstly getting them to tap into
understand and more to the point recognize, their unconsciousness. Understand how
the unconscious state and how unconscious living is effecting their ability to be happy.
And more to the point, to start to recognize and tap into the fears that are presentingfor them and also the way the ego works within them. To me that's really really
important. That's the first step, because if we don't do that, the other steps don't come
together as efficiently as they should.
And I don't know about you Patricia, but you're quite a self aware woman who is strong
enough to stand within your own power. But that's not always been the case and that's
the same for everybody. We all have had a journey to go through and yes I am where I
am at in my journey and certainly nowhere near the back end of my journey, my
journeys got a long way to go. But the bit of my journey, in the same way the bit of your
journey, it has empowered me to share that in the hope that it at least can start other
people on their own journeys as well.

Patricia: Yes, yes. Oh yeah, just brought up something in my mind that happened earlier this
week. When you were talking about fear and ego, earlier this week I have a friend right
now who is going through a really rough time in life. And she's a light worker like myself
and I don't know what it is amongst us light workers, but we have a hard time accepting
help from other people when we're going through our own stuff. We get to this place of
feeling like we can do it all on our own, that we don't want to burden somebody else,
we don't want to bring someone else down. Whatever may be going through your mind
when you don't want to reach out to somebody else.
And as we were talking about this and trying to help each other understand and that can
be a whole other podcast episode of course, we really came down to the fact that it was
our ego that was getting in the way of that and it was also fear based as well. So this can
come in so many ways that you would never even expect. I've been doing this for awhile
now and same with you Andrew, even those of us who've been doing this for awhile will
never have our journey come to an end with this, because as long as we're living in this
human existence, we're going to have things that come up from deep subconscious
levels that are needing to be addressed, like what happened this week with my friend.
She really needed to hear the perspective of what I was able to give her in being able to
accept service and love and support from other people, without feeling like she's
burdening them or bringing them down. So, I love that we're talking about this because
it can show up in so many ways that even those of us who've been doing this for a long
time, wouldn't even really begin to recognize until we can move through all the different
processes and move those different layers out of the way to see the deep root of the
issue that's at stake.
So I love that we're both on the same page that way, regarding fear and the ego and
how those can show up in our lives, in the most unexpected ways. No matter where you
are at in your journey, whether you're just starting this out or whether you've been
going at it for awhile, like Andrew and I have, it's always going to show up somehow.
Would you agree with that Andrew?

Andrew: Absolutely I would, yeah. Look, it's an interesting thing, I used to give myself a real hard
time a couple of years ago, about when I'm working with people, staying present with
them for me was really easy. And even working with groups and being up in front of the
room or being up on stage. To me, in that scenario, to use a bit of a corny phrase, being
spiritual was easy. What's difficult is maintaining that connection, that presence when
you're confronted by normal day to day goings on.
And it wasn't until I heard Neil Donna Walsh, until I heard Wayne, even Tony Robbin's
talks about it and a lot of them do, being present, being who you want to be in a
spiritual connected sense, is most difficult in the home, where we feel most relaxed,
where we feel most like we can be our really real self. So, and it took me awhile to stop
judging myself for that, as to why when the kids would drive me up the wall or annoy
me or something like that, when I'm trying to have a moment to try and think about
something and inevitably of course, when my attention is elsewhere, they then
suddenly want my attention to be on them. When that used to bother me and drive me
up the wall, I soon had to stop judging myself for that and just realize that this is a fluid
process, this is the way water moves around the earth. It never actually stops. It never
sits still, it constantly evolves.
And, although I look at my journey from now, from even ten years ago or even twenty
years ago and I see the extraordinary, call it distance that I have walked, I also see the
journey ahead of me in a variety of different forms and see that the journey ahead of
me seems to be three or four times longer then what I've already traveled. So again, it's
not a competition, there's no hierarchy in I'm more awakened then someone else, or I'm
more spiritual then someone else. And even Joe PC, I love this guys work, he uses
comedy and he uses humor to get across some of the deepest, most beautiful messages
with his ultra spiritual-
Patricia: I love that guy.
Andrew: Me too, like I really, I just and when you actually really watch him quite carefully, he's
the most remarkable person, honestly, I think I've ever come across, because he is in
fact actually an extraordinarily grounded and beautiful soul. But he uses humor in his
own application and his own experience of life, to bring a certain awareness to us in a
real non confrontational way, which I think is quite beautiful.

Patricia: Yes it is. Sorry, I just had to giggle a couple of times as you were talking about him
because all of a sudden this little movie screen was playing in my head, of some of his
funniest episodes. And it just, yeah that guy is the best. Where he comes up with some
of that stuff, I don't know. But I'm extremely grateful for it, because humor is another
way to kind of approach this as well. There's so many different angles that you can
approach all of this and I love that he is using that gift that he's been blessed with, that
gift of humor. I know I'm not that kind of person that was blessed with that gift and
that's okay, we all have the gifts that we've been blessed with, that we bring to thetable, that we can all make this beautiful banquet called life. Does that make sense?

Andrew: Complete sense, absolute truth, yeah. So one other thing I wanted to touch on as well is
getting back to the process of, we start off by looking at people's unconsciousness and
getting them to bring conscious awareness to unconsciousness. Now of course in doing
so, it helps us step out of that unconsciousness. The one thing I also want the podcast
that we're working on to do is I want to make it a really obvious statement that a holistic
approach is really really important. We all talk about the mind, body and spirit, but I
think in regards to practicality, very few of us actually live it.
And what I mean by that is, as a mindset coach, I believe changing people's mindset is
easy. We've seen Tony Robbins do it for decades and the guy is without a doubt the kind
of mindset. Changing the mindset is easy, changing the body, we now know enough
about the way the body works and scientists are doing some remarkable work in
regards to body and health nutrition nowadays. And with the right mindset, changing
the body is easy. Health, fitness, eating properly and all that sort of stuff. Now, the
reality of it, the practicality of it is it's really not that easy, because we have to change
the way we've been thinking about things, we have to focus on eating whole foods, we
have to eat less processed food and the like.
The way the body and the mind interact, is if you fix one, you've also got to work on
fixing the other because otherwise the one that's in the worst state, inevitably brings
the other one day. And I see this time and time and time again. And part of my holistic
solution is to change the mindset around health and fitness. I'm not a fitness expert, I'm
not a dietician and I'm not a naturopath, however I can certainly help people find the
right people, I can certainly help people change their approach and at least get them
started towards working on their body as well, both through using simple products as
well as changing their day to day approach and everything like that as well.
But there's one thing that's really really important and I say this in all seriousness, if we
ignore the spiritual aspect of the mind, body and spirit, there are two things that will
happen if we ignore it. One, we will not be able to tap into the type of intuition we need
to tap into, to be able to make the changes we want to change. Plus, if we're not tapped
into the spiritual aspect, the universe and the way it works, we are also switching off or
not listening to the myriad of opportunities, the myriad number, the extraordinary
number of synchronicities provided by the universe in response to the amplification of
our desires.
And it's a funny thing, I talk and I've 2 years as a management consultant in big business
and big government in Australia and I talk a lot to business groups about this sort of
subject and you watch people really struggle with things when you start talking about
the universe in a spiritual sense. Until I point out to them that there is an increasing
number of highly successful people around the world, that have started to realize the
benefits of opening your mind to the possibilities. I know I'm not talking about becomingborn again or anything like that, I'm just talking about opening your mind to a different
perspective, to a different set of possibilities, that the universe does in fact influence
and respond and reflect back to us what our intentions are going outwards.
And if we're not choosing conscious awareness around that, if we're not choosing to
consciously connect with that, what we're in fact doing is we're limiting significantly and
I would say it's somewhere to the tune of about 50-60%, we are limiting 50-60% of our
ability to tap into what makes us successful. We look at someone like [inaudible
00:29:22], who created Mind Value, a multi multi, hundreds of millions of dollar empire,
purely based around using technology to give people access to the teachings of other
people. That's ultimately what it is. And he talks all the time about meditation, about
tapping into the consciousness, about being present and all that sort of stuff. I mean this
is all the stuff a lot of us are talking about. I believe, like a lot of religions, we're all
talking about the same thing, we're just using different languages, we're using different
words, we're using different energies to get the message across.
The mind, body and spirit approach is essential if people want to change their life, if
people want to be successful, both in a holistic sense, in a metaphysical spiritual sense,
but also in a practical, everyday commercial sense, so to speak. And the spiritual aspect
of that, in my opinion, is the most powerful because it is what influences the hundreds,
thousands of people around us to reach out, completely out of the blue.
You know, I had a call just a couple of weeks ago from a remarkable, highly connected,
extraordinary businesswoman who I not only honor and admire because of who she is
and her elegance towards the way she treats people and to her own beliefs and
spirituality, but as a businesswoman, she's so raising the bar and setting the example for
all of us, around us, that you can be successful in a practical sense. You can be successful
in a commercial business sense and stay true to your innate personal beliefs of not
stepping over people, of helping people, of growing people, of shaping people, of
empowering people.
Now she called me, she reached out completely out of the blue. She called me one day
and said, "Andrew, I want to talk about your business. I've got a bit of an idea". And
ultimately speaking, she wants to introduce me to her network. Now, to me that's
remarkable and it happens every now and then, but it's not something I can influence. If
I was to put my hand out to the world and go, "Okay everybody, whoever wants to refer
me to their network, yeah please do so". You don't know that? Comes across as being
perhaps a little bit awkward.

Patricia: Right.
Andrew: But you know what I mean? But, for the universe to do that, for the universe to provide
that influence through her, to contact me, to open up such an extraordinary opportunity
that could be endless in many many ways, that is a synchronicity that comes fromremaining connected. That's what happens then when we are doing what we're
supposed to be doing.
And that's what then brings me into this third aspect, the awakening and awareness.
You know, triggering an awakening in someone is a beautiful thing to not only be able to
do, but also to be able to witness. I feel truly honored when people enable themselves
to get raw enough for it to happen. But it's also important because when that happens,
we suddenly open. Our eyes are, it's like having our pupils fully open for the first time.
We see things we haven't seen before, we hear things, we experience things and one
other point, we feel things in a connection that we haven't had before.
And that third stage, that awakening, that awareness is something I want to delve very
very heavily into in this podcast series with you. And in all honesty with you Patricia, and
I know I've probably said this to you before but I want everybody to hear this as well,
this is the reason why I reached out to you, for you to join me in this podcast project
that we are embarking on, because it's okay for me to put my thoughts and ideas aside,
but I needed someone with this beautiful, fabulous female energy, who also knows and
believes in these connected and is aware, to offer that counterbalance of energy, if you
know what I mean. And to me that's really important, not only for me but also for the
listeners as well.
And that's what this whole awakening, awareness thing needs to explore. It is both the
masculine and the feminine. We talk about being in a patriarchal society, whereas a lot
of people don't realize we haven't always been in a patriarchal society, in fact for many
versions of human civilization, in fact we were in a matriarchal society. And let's just say
they didn't have the issues that we now have, as a result of the patriarchal society. And I
think it's time, we're seeing it now, the energy around the world is changing, we are
moving from a strong masculine divine energy to, in my opinion, an even stronger
feminine divine energy. But the strength is in a different way, it's not a physical strength,
it's not an aggressive strength, it's not a controlling strength, it's an enabling strength,
it's a pure love driven strength. And that's what I see in you and what you offer to the
world and that's what I wanted to bring to what will be the thousands of listeners over
time, as they reach out and slowly hear our story together.

Patricia: Yeah, I love that you said that. I have a little confession that I have to make in this, just
because I believe it's important to be raw and authentic when it comes to the work that
we do, because oftentimes when we can admit where we have struggled, that can help
other people out there who may be feeling the same thing or maybe even they're not
feeling the same thing. Maybe they're going through something in life completely
different, but something you said about the struggle that you were having, lights that up
in them and they're able to see in a perspective, or in a way, that shines a light on their
own issue and they have that a-ha moment in their brain.
So for me, what that looked like was when you initially contacted me and wanted me to
do this, immediately that fear came in. I'm admitting this.

Andrew: Sure, sure fair enough, that's quite natural as well. That's quite normal.
Patricia: Yes, yes because naturally there are things that come to the surface that need to be
healed when things like that happen. And for me, recently it's been because I've been
diagnosed with ADHD and sometimes that can be a little bit of a challenge staying
focused. But when I do get focused, oh man that can be a big super power. So the fear
came in, I have to admit that, of oh how can I do this with another person? How am I
going to stay focused with another person? I immediately went to that place and then I
had to take a look at myself and say, "You know what Patricia? He wouldn't have asked
you if he didn't think that you were capable of this. The universe wouldn't have asked
you if you are not capable of this".
So even for me, I had to go through that moment. I mean I don't mean even for me, that
sounds a little arrogant, that's not how it is meant. It was just meant meaning I've been
doing a podcast for three years, I've been doing a show all on my own for three years,
you would think that I would be in a place where I'd say, "Bring it on". No, that's not
always the case, it doesn't matter who we are in this life or where we're at or where we
are in our journey, we're always going to have those moments come up. And if we can
train ourselves to actually look inward and recognize those moments when they do
come, because I would say ten years ago if this came up, I would've said, "Oh no no, I
can't do that. No no no, I can't do that, I'm not capable of it". I wouldn't even have
recognized where that was coming from.

Andrew: I love the way you've just phrased that. It's a funny thing, Michelle and I talk about,
Michelle my partner and I, we met seven, eight years ago now, something like that. I'm
going to get in real trouble now, because I probably haven't remembered the exact
date. I know the date of the year, I know it was the 19th of September when we first
bumped into each other. But, we talk about all of the time, that we had both grown so
much before that point, before we'd ever even set eyes on each other, that if we'd even
met a year before, two years before, despite the fact, even five years before, despite
the fact that each of us were in completely separate relationships, putting that aside, we
just would not have recognized each other. We would not have been ready to connect
with each other, because our energies were so incredibly different to each other and to
what they were when we met.
And this is a fascinating thing as well, if I'd met you five years ago in all honesty with
you, the energy, the way we connect, the way I feel your energy. Before we started this
podcast, you took a few minutes to have a quiet meditation and I could feel your
physical energy change. Even all the way from Australia. Honestly, I would not have
even been able to recognize that as a concept a decade ago. And that's what's so
important, that's what I really want to get across to everybody. A lot of people, they
look at people like Wayne Dyer and Eckhart Tollie and Tony Robbins from a successful
point of view, but they look at these people and they think, "Wow, they're the true
teachers".What people don't really understand is that Wayne Dyer, Eckhart Tollie, Tony Robbins,
Deepak Chopra, every single one of them were at a point in time in their life, exactly
where we all are as individuals right now. They all started somewhere and yes they all
took different paths and I use them all as different examples for very obvious reasons.
But Wayne came from, he grew up in an orphanage. Tony Robbins was booted out of
home by his mother and had to figure it out himself the hard way. He didn't come from,
with a silver spoon in his mouth, he wasn't born into old money.
Everybody, and this is why I talk about when I get into success and manifestation, I talk a
lot about this and this is going to come out particularly in book three and book four of
my feeler series later this year. People look at the Richard Branson's, the Tony Robbins,
and maybe the Warren Buffet's of the world and they think, "These people are multi
millionaires, billionaires and that is what success is". But that is not what success is at
all. Success is different things to different people.
You know, to me yes there's no question that they're successful, but people can be
successful and also not really be who they are. And the interesting thing is, when we tap
into success, we need to tap into what success means to us. So and I'll give you a few
examples. Success to me as the teacher, as the mindset coach, success is lighting that
spark in people. And when I see that spark go off, I go, "Great, I've got you. There you
are. Now I see you for who you are". Because when that spark genuinely lights, they
may not know it, but there is no veil present.
To me as a parent, success to me is getting three teenage boys, I've got three teenage
boys here in Australia and 13, 14, 15 years of age at the moment and to me success is
getting them through high school, competent, capable and drug free. I say that really

Patricia: No, no I know what you mean. That's why, yeah.
Andrew: To me, as a parent, that's success. It's not financial, it's not any sort of normal idea of
success, but to me that would be success as a parent. For success as a business person,
for me, it is, actually again not a financial thing, although profit is important because
profit enables opportunity and the opportunity enables me to touch more people. But
success to me is when I'm going to kick off my first American tour probably into next
year. Success to me is going to be some of the filming for instance, I've more recently
been done throughout Europe, because they're milestones.
Again, they're not financial but you can see how success means different things to
different people. People attach materialistic things to success, but all they are, they are
those milestones. To some people it's the fancy car, it's the nice house, it's the 100,000
followers on Instagram. I'm not even too sure how that could be successful, but I'm sure
I'll figure it out. But, you know what I mean, we all have these different perspectives
nowadays and what I want to do is I want to make success available to everyone,
because success can be learned. It can be taught. I know this, I teach people about it.The light goes on, they move on, everybody's happy. They're a new, more complete
person for themselves for a whole range of reasons, because one brought conscious to
their unconsciousness. We've made them aware of the need for the mind, body and the
spirit and given them tools and applications and stuff like that, so that they can do that.
Triggered an awakening and an awareness within them and returned their perspective
of success, so that when they go about manifesting the lives that they want to manifest,
everything becomes a possibility and nothing is out of reach.
And that's what's so important to me in all of this, is making everyday people, all of us,
every single one of us, I think all of us are everyday people but I use the term in a crude
sense of everybody who desires of their life, who desires happiness, who desires being
free from fear, being free from loneliness, all of these things, finding meaning in their
life, it is available to everyone. And I want to share that with the world, with you and
bounce these perspectives around. Have these discussions, bring these subjects up.
Some of these subjects are going to be a little confrontational for a lot of people.
Some of them are probably also going to be confusing, I guarantee it. And that's quite
deliberate, that's really deliberate because I really want to trigger a thought process in
you. I want you finishing the podcast, I want you to go and talk to your family about it,
your friends. I want you to go down to the pub and have a beer and go, "Hey, I heard
this thing today and you know what? It's really burning my noodle. It's really bending my
brain about and I've gotta get it out and talk to people. What's your thought about it?
What's your thought about it?".
To me, that's success from a podcast perspective and that's beautiful.

Patricia: Yes, yes, yes. I want to drive that point home even more from a different angle. You had
mentioned people like Wayne Dyer and Tony Robbins, the people that we would
consider the true teachers. But, they are definitely brilliant teachers in their own right,
but the one thing I wanted to mention as well is that everyone is a true teacher.
Everybody that comes to us in our life, it doesn't matter in which way they present
themselves in our life, whether that is perceived as a "good" or "bad" way, I'm not so
much sure about good and bad these days, you know what I mean, because everybody
is teaching us and to me that's good, whether it brings about pain or whether it does
not bring about pain.
We're all everyday people, like you said, that really resonated with me when you said
that because we are all just everyday people. Even Wayne Dyer and Tony Robbins are
everyday people. We are all each other's teacher if we are willing to see that. If we are
willing to take a look at maybe the person who is triggering us, for whatever reason, if
we are willing to look at that from a certain perspective and see really what that has to
teach us, then that is the greatest teacher of all, is just the everyday people in our lives.
That's how I feel anyway.

Andrew: I completely agree with you. You know it's a funny thing, it took me a long time to
realize that some of my greatest teachers have been my kids. Three boys, now into their
teenage years and the one thing I had to learn and I had to completely change my
fathering model from the pack leader model to a collaborative model. And I'm so
eternally thankful that I did. And if I hadn't, perhaps even just desired the right
approach, to listen to what was going on and the messages I was getting back from my
kids when they were 8, 9 and 10, I never would've been able to make the changes within
myself, that now results in a happy, healthy in a really honestly a trouble free
household, where everybody feels safe to be and express themselves as who they are.
To me, that's really really important.

Patricia: Yes, yes. Wow, so yes all these wonderful things that we've been talking about is the
goal of the podcast that we're going to be doing together. And I believe we decided
we're going to be doing this once a week, is that right Andrew?

Andrew: Yeah absolutely. So the idea is that we'll release an episode once a week. We're hoping
to get the first few episodes out sometime by April 2019 and that way we can keep a
steady flow of podcasts happening. I don't want people connecting with the work and
then having to do without, because that's not fair, that's going to leave people hanging.
The idea is, we may even record it in batches to be quite honest with you, but the idea is
just to release one episode each week so we can have something new for people on a
regular basis, because it's the one reason why the one on one coaching I do with people,
I do it on a weekly basis as well. Which is fairly standard for a lot of therapy based
modalities, but I do it because I like to set a little bit of homework and send people away
with something to think about.
And often it takes about a week for them to digest it and to talk about and to get
different perspectives and that. And when they come back, they've got a bit of a better
understanding within themselves of how they have related to what we had discussed
and to the homework that they had to do and things like that as well. And I want to
keep the podcast on the same sort of format.

Patricia: Yes, yes, that's perfect because you're right it is, it takes a week, especially with some of
the topics we're going to talk about. It may take that week, or even longer, to fully craft

Andrew: Did you want to mention some of the podcasts? Did we want to throw a few teasers out

there with some of the subjects?

Patricia: Oh, yes.
Andrew: I mean you've got the list of subjects there in front of you as well.
Patricia: I do. Let me get back to where I need to be on that, here we go.

Andrew: That's okay, I'll jump in there with a few. Some of them will be pretty obvious, for
anybody who's read my book and knows my work. Obviously, I want to get down and
dirty with the love and fear dichotomy. I want to explore that in more detail then you
can just in a simple couple of chapters of a book. I want to talk about the ego, how it
plays out. I'm going to spend a lot of time on the ego, I think it's a very prominent
subject and we may even run a series of different podcasts on the ego particularly,
because the ego honestly is my biggest challenge. That is the thing that I am most aware
of, day to day, not always aware of sometimes it's a sneaky little bugger, my ego. And it
sneaks in there and gets ahold of me time and time again.
But I want to talk about the ego at length. I want to get into and I think this is where
some of the subjects that's really going to jump out for you, Patricia, as well, is I want to
get into what I refer to as universal theory. Some of the really deep, exciting, raw,
perhaps even borderline controversial stuff about how the universe works, as well.
Patricia: That's the really really good stuff that I cannot, well I mean it's all good stuff, don't get
me wrong on that. But it's the really deep stuff that just kind of really gets my heart
ticking fast.

Andrew: What are some subjects there that jumped out for you?
Patricia: Oh boy, on that topic? Let's see, your soul is all knowledgeable, that is a great one. Let's see, highly evolved beings, what they know and why they know it. That one is going to
be special. They're all going to be special, but that one, oooh.

Andrew: That ones a chapter in book two of the feeler series that's just coming out in April. So, that's going to be quite exciting, I'm looking forward to that book coming out.

Patricia: Oh yes, yes. Yeah that will be awesome to actually have a whole chapter dedicated to that. And there are a couple subjects on here too, that I know you and I unfortunately
have gone through in life is sexual abuse. So there are topics on that and I know that a
lot of our listeners perhaps have been through that pain in their lives as well. And
maybe they've healed from that, maybe they haven't. Or maybe it's something you
never do heal from. I mean those are things that we're going to talk about in different
So I'm very excited about all of that.

Andrew: Yeah me too, me too. Again, you're right, I want to talk about what people need to talk about, but perhaps are afraid to talk about. And I'm hoping that our approach and the
way we provide these podcasts, that we will create a bit of a safe haven for people to be
able to listen and to explore within themselves. And although they may not necessarily
be able to interact with us, I will certainly be inviting them to interact with me through
Facebook and the different social media channels and to reach out to me for different
things, if they need help, because ultimately that is what I'm here to do. That's the commitment I made many many years ago, was the commitment of giving my life to
helping people.
And I know you Patricia, you're in exactly the same situation. You realized that you're
here to help people in any way you possibly can and although it makes me feel beautiful
doing it. I truly love myself when I'm in that space and being able to help people. I know
for, it makes an enormous difference to those people as well. And there's no feeling
that's greater then that in my mind.

Patricia: Yes, yes. I am so with you there.

Andrew: Okay, so we probably worth wrapping up there. I've had a great chat with you today
Patricia, you know I'm very very excited about this. We have effectively laid the ground
rules for the podcast that is yet to come and I really thank you so much for inviting me
back on to talk about this and for being a part of this with me. This is something I'm
excited about, only because I don't see it as being able me at all, I see it being bigger
then me and in fact, bigger then both of us.

Patricia: Yes.
Andrew: And I really look forward to that taking hold and in the years to come, people
connecting with this material over and over and over again, which is again another joy
of the format of podcasts. So, next week what I want to talk about is I want to talk about
the love and fear dichotomy. I want to get really down and dirty and explain to people,
in a really raw way, what that all means. Why that is so important and how it effects
every moment within every day.
So thank you very much everybody for joining us today. We really look forward to
seeing you again next week and don't forget to also join me on Facebook. If you do a
search of Andrew Hackett, Australia on Facebook and then you can connect with me
that way and we can perhaps start a conversation together.